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From the actual on-the-air FM radio interview!  The hour long show features half of the "Synthphonies" album. 

Details below.

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"Home Studio" is a weekly radio program hosted by Jeff Crawford on KUOP-FM 91.3 in Stockton, California.  He devoted an entire one hour show for a live telephone interview with Uku Meri.  This occurred 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. March 31, 1997 Pacific Time (and coincidentally 12 midnight to 1 am on April 1, 1997 Eastern Time).

This radio interview is interspersed with half of the featured music of "Synthphonies" - Uku Meri's debut CD release.  

Featuring the following songs from Synthphonies (in entirety)

  • Psylentmusik (1:46)
  • Mysteree Eerius (4:57)
  • Sand Sea Sky (4:27)
  • Alpine Ski Jam (14:07)
  • Spellbound (4:09)

These songs are all available as excerpts, and some as full or redux versions on the Synthphonies main page.

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