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Tupac Shakur

1971 - 1996

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I hope that all of you who visit this page enjoy it and appreciate the trouble I've put to doing this.
This page originally started as my Speech for my English class and this is like all the information I found about him on the Net and otherwise. I have to admit that some of the pages I visited could have atleast checked their information a bit better, for example 3 or 4 pages thougth that 'California Love' and 'How Do Ya Want It' was the same song...
I'm not sure if all the information that I have here is accurate and if anyone of you would notice something that is wrong here, then please mail me and let me know so that I can chance it.

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Short biografical information

Tupac Amaru Shakur

Birth Date/Place:
June 16, 1971 in Brooklyn, NY

Death Date/Place:
September 13, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada

-2Pacalypse Now (1991)-
-Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z (1993)-
-Me Against the World (1995)-
-All Eyez On Me (1996)-
-Makaveli - the don killuminati - the 7 day theory
(Released after his death on Tuesday, November 5th, 1996)-

Released Movies:
Juice (1992)
Poetic Justice (1993; with Janet Jackson)
Above the Rim (1994)

Tupac Amaru Shakur, also known as 2pac, was one of the greatest and most well-known gangta-rap artists before the shooting in Las Vegas in September this year, which ended his life; a in many ways too short life, he was only 25 and had the most of his life in front of him. How many of us who loved and respected 2pac, the music and the man behind it, isn’t wondering how it would be if he would still be alive and able to do all the things that he did so well? I don’t think that there will ever another rap artist who will earn the same respect as 2pac did...

Tupac was born on June 16, 1971 in Brooklyn, NY, when his mother, Afeni Shakur, a member of the Black Panther Party, was in jail on charges of conspiring to bomb several public areas in New York City. Tupac was named after an inca chief named Tupac Amaru, which means ”shining serpent”, Shakur is arabic for ”thankful to God”.

The first years of his life Tupac’s family moved a between the Bronx and Harlem and at times they lived in shelters.

In September, 1983, the 12-year-old Tupac joined a Harlem theatre group and in hs first performance he played Travis in ”A Raisin in the Sun”.

After that, in 1986, Tupac’s family moved to Baltimore, MD, where he attended The Baltimore School for the Performing Arts, where he shows a great talent and potential and makes a lasting impression on his teachers. In Baltimore Tupac also starts writing his first rap lyrics and performs under the name MC New York.

Unfortunately for Tupac he had to quit the school at Baltimore and move along with his family to Marin City, CA, in June, 1988. There he started hanging around with ”the wrong crowd” and soon got involved with criminals and started selling drugs, starting on the road which later on lead to his own death... In September the same year Tupac’s stepfather, Mutulu Shakur is sentenced to 60 years in prison for his involvement in a 1981 armored-car robbery.

In 1990 Tupac starts his way up the top of today’s rap music. He joined the rap group Digital Underground as a dancer and rapper, and in January 3, 1991 he made his recording debut on Digital Underground’s ”This is an EP Release”.

On November 12, 1991, Tupac’s first solo album, 2Pacalypse Now, is released, from which he took the successful singles ”Trapped” and ”Brenda’s Got A Baby”, which launched his career like a rocket. He also appeared as a member of Digital Underground on the track ”Same Song” from ”This is an EP Release” and on the album ”Sons of the P”. Shortly after the release of Tupac’s solo album, he files a $10 million lawsuit against the Oakland police for alleged brutality following the arrest for jaywalking. His talents also gave him a role in the motion picture ”Juice”.

On January17, 1992 he made his big screen debut in the Earnest Dickerson film ”Juice”, earning praise for his portrayal of Bishop and is probably best remembered for the line ”I am crazy. And don’t give a fuck!”

In April, 1992 Ronald Ray Howard,19, shoots a Texas trooper and Howard’s attorney claims that Howard was incited by 2Pacalypse Now, which was in his tapedeck, to kill.

On August 22, 1992, Tupac had an altercation with some old acquaintances in Marin City, which results in the death of a 6-year-old bystander and the arrest of Tupac’s half brother, Maurice Harding, but he was released due to lack of evidence.

In September, 1992, Vice President Dan Quayle denounces 2Pacalypse Now by saying that it ”has no place in our society”.

In February, 1993, Tupac released his second album, Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z, which was an even bigger success than his first, and eventually sold platinum.

On March 13, 1993 Tupac got into an fight with a limo driver in Hollywood, who accused Tupac of using drugs in the car. Tupac got arrested but the charges were dropped. On April, 1993, Tupac is arrested again, this time for taking a swing with a baseball bat at a local rapper during a concert, Tupac got sentenced to 10 days in prison.

On July 23, 1993, John Singleton’s ”Poetic Justice” was released where Tupac appeared along with Janet jackson. The role showed the world that music may not have been Tupac’s #1 attribute.

On October 31, 1993, Tupac got arrested again, this time for allegedly shooting 2 off-duty Atlanta police officers who were harassing a black motorist, but the charges were eventually dropped.

On november 18, 1993 a 19-year-old woman accused Tupac for sexual harassment.

On March 10, 1994 Tupac got arrested once again for punching out director Allen Hughes after he got dropped from the motion picture ”Menace II Society” and was sentenced to 15 days in prison.

On March 23, 1994, Tupac appears in the movie ”Above the Rim”, where he played a troubled drug dealer. The soundtrack, which featured the song ”Pour Out a Little Liquor”, recorded by Tupac’s group, Thug Life, sold 2 million copies.

On September 7, 1994, 2 Milwaukee tenns murdered a police officer and citeded Tupac’s ”Souljah’s Story” as their inspiration.

On November 30, 1994, Tupac was shot 5 times and robbed of jewels for about $40,000 in the lobby of Times Squarerecording studio. Tupac checked himself out of the hospital less than 3 hours after surgery, the case still remains unsolved. All this happened while he was on trial for sex and weapon charges, just hours before he was found guilty. The day after he was acquitted of sodomy and weapons charges but was found guilty of sexual abuse.

On February 14, 1995, Tupac was sentenced up to 4 and a half years immediately began serving his time in New York’s Rikers Island penitentiary.

On April 1, 1995, Tupac’s third album, Me against the World, debuted at No.1 on Billboard’s pop chart and fueled by the single ”Dear Mama” the album went double platinum in 7 months.

In October 1995 Death Row Record’s CEO Marion ”Suge” Knight posted $1.4 million in bail to get Tupac out of jail, who immediately flied to L.A to sign with Death Row and start recording his fourth solo album, All Eyez On Me.

In February 1996 the fact that Tupac had been sleeping with Biggie’s wife, Fait Evans, went public. Faith denies the stories.

On February 13, 1996, Tupac’s Death Row debut, All Eyez On Me, rap’s first double CD was released.

On March 29, 1996, Death Row employees and Bad Boy employees face off at the Soul Train awards in Los Angeles, words were exchanged and a gun was pulled.

On April 25, 1996, All Eyez On Me went quintuple platinum.

In May 1996 Tupac and Snoop released ”2 of Americaz Most Wanted”, in the video, caricatures of Biggie and Puffy were punished for setting up Tupac.

On June 4, 1996, Death Row released Tupac’s ”Hit ‘Em Up”, which was a brutal diatribe against Biggie, Bad Boy, Mobb Deep, and others.

On September 4, 1996, Tupac returned to New York for the MTV Music Video Awards and got into a scuffle.

On September 7, 1996, Tupac and Suge Knight left the Mike Tyson - Bruce Seldon fight in Las Vegas in Suge’s car. A white Cadillac with four people inside pulled alongside at an intersection and one person opened fire. Tupac was hit 4 times while Suhe escaped with minor injuries. Tupac was brought to the University Medical Center.

On Friday, September 13, 1996, Tupac died after 6 days in critical condition. Tupac Shakur was pronounced dead at 4.03 pm, his body was later cremated. He was only 25.


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