The 20 Year Reunion

What if we all still got along...say 15 years from now. By the year 2011, some of us will have known each other for 20 years. For others, the time frame might vary slightly. In any case, a 20 year reunion would be a good excuse to party and take lots of photographs. Or maybe no photographs; afterall, who knows what we all will look like after years of marriage and raising kids?

Actually, it's not that hard to imagine what people might look like...just hard to bear, especially if we compare then and now. Well lets do just that.

Brewmeister Paul in 1996 and in 2011

Maryland Alums in 1996 and in 2011

Kevin in 1996 and in 2011

Denise and Ken as newlyweds, and reunited in 2011

Crazy Neal in 1996 and crazier in 2011

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