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Index to the Kraftwerk history
' 68 to ' 70
How did it all start?
Can, the first experimental band
Organisation, their first band
Organisation releases the album Tone-Float in 1970
Ralf and Florian formes Kraftwerk

' 71 to ' 73
Ralf leaves Kraftwerk!
First concert outside Germany
Emil Schult, the man behind the image

Kraftwerk and Organisation albums
Organisation "Tone-Float" 1970
Kraftwerks first album "Kraftwerk" 1970
"Kraftwerk 2" 1971
"Ralf und Florian" 1973

Kraftwerk Synthesizers
minimoog, a legendary Kraftwerk synth

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Kraftwerk, The Early Years '68-'73

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The story of Kraftwerk is the story of how electronic music has influenced modern music. When an avantgarde German band called Organisation trimmed down to a two-piece and reinvented themselves as Kraftwerk, they set in motion a train of events which introduced a whole new language into popular culture. Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider Esleben has pushed electronic music further than anyone ever thought possible - pre-dating electro, house, ambient and techno by more than two decades. They are, quite simply, the most influential pop group of the late 20th century.

The Kraftwerk story begins in the end of the 1960s and I have concentrated on the early years between ' 68 and ' 73. This site is one of the most visited and respected Kraftwerk sites on the net, online since 24 August 1996. Over 50 000 visitors so far, check my stats here visitors. No URL changes for 4 years so it's safe to link to my pages!

"The mechanical universe of Kraftwerk has been cloned or copied in Detroit , Brussels, Milan, Manchester, and even psychedelicised by the delerium of house music. You can define it as you want; sci-fi music, techno-disco, cybernetic rock. but the term I prefer even so is robot pop. It fits in with our objective which consists of working without respite toward the construction of the perfect pop song for the tribes of the global village."
Ralf Hütter

Dedicated to the german legends
Ralf Hütter
Ralf Hütter
Florian Schneider
Florian Schneider

Online since 24 August 1996
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