Melbourne Australia


Singer - Songwriter - Guitarist

Mark has been writing and singing songs since about 1982. He has also performed in Amateur Theatre Productions, been involved in Scouting, Environmental Activities, and has a day-job as a gardener; hence the Ginkgo album title. Past original bands include the "Rebeats", "Ginkgo Biloba" and "The Concept". He has been through various solo phases as well as writing and recording. Currently he is working solo, but compliments his live act with other musicians.

Mark has played at Melbourne's many music venues and festivals, including the venues on his open stage guide. He has organised open stage nights at the Flower Hotel, Port Melbourne; helped run the One-C-One open stage at Maldon Folk Festival in 1999; and mixed at St Andrews Music Festival in 1998, 1999 & 2000.

Trained in singing and guitar, Mark has also assisted in vocal workshops. His music varies from pop-rock to contemporary acoustic, folk, and country. He performs covers and originals, and has jammed with many musicians from Melbourne's rock, acoustic, folk, and jazz scenes. Mark has made two studio Albums, "Ginkgo" and "Spring Board" and is a member of APRA.

Songs in his original reptoire reflect aspects of Life, the Environment, World Issues, and Love for example track 7 "Lavender" Ginkgo CD.

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