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My work in acoustic music is centered around expanding what people have come to think of as "folk" music. This passion for acoustic music began in the summer of 1976 when I saw a neighbor friend playing her guitar and singing a song she wrote. Before that time, I was a drummer...the rest you can read about in my biography. Since coming to Charlottesville in 1989, my involvment in music has taken many forms. I am an assistant folk music director at WTJU and I was one of the hosts for over 10 years for a radio show called Sunset Road. You can hear me these days, however, on the Eclectic Woman show on Thursday nights from 7-9pm. Other people know me as a singer and songwriter and I have one recording of my own compositions, Lines of Change. More recently, however, I have returned to studying classical guitar. By day, I work at the University of Virginia. I have a favorite links page that I am always updating for your amusement.


..."a uniquely compelling songwriter..."-John McCutcheon

....."gorgeous voice!"--Dave Matthews

..."Blue sings from the heart.."--Pierce Pettis

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