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Hello one and all and welcome to my utterly unamazing web page. God only knows how you managed to find your way here on the information b-road (after all this is a dead end) by since you're here, you might as well stay and laugh out loud at my useless computer skills, as I single handedly pick up the 1st prize for 'Worst Web Page' of the year. I am Jonathan Mackie and this is my world....Right well the first thing to say is that I am amazed that this WWW page is turning out so well, it kinda freaks me out when I realise that all this can be accessed by all you lucky people out there. Shown below are various links that I am in some way connected to : I'm a member of the Scottish National Party, I adore bis, I used to go to Shawlands Academy, and I'm doing Politics as part of my university course. If you think I should add a particular link email me! Hit the link down below to do so. Also email me if you have any questions or things to slag me off about, (most likely to be the latter)... I think I should annoy you all with a crappy wee biography of myself for you to read as you bash you head off the monitor in frustration at the waste of bandwidth and disk space that this page is. Hee Hee! Stay glued to your monitor for further developments on this web page.

Links to other sites on the Web

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the 'mazin bis stuff

Rightyo, if you're here for the amazing bis stuff, I'm sorry it took you so long to end up here, having to wade through my life story and all, but hey! you're here so why worry? Right well, without any further ado I now present.... Da-daaaa! The Bis Bunch (I nicked that title off a bis flyer) bis are: Manda Rin, Sci-Fi Steven, and John Disco. Steven and John are brothers, but Manda's not. Obviously, cause she's a girl. Look I did Higher Biology, I can tell these sorts of things. Anyway, Manda sings, plays recorders, keyboard and cow- bell and she's cool. Sci-Fi sings, plays guitar and every so often plays keyboards. JD plays lead guitar, sings and every so often plays keyboards also. Together they are the saviours of modern music as we know it. They are the immmortals. Bit over the top, but hey, artistic licence and all that. Well thanks for tuning in, as I say, sorry it wasn't amazingly exciting or anything, but hopefully that will improve with time. Cheerio the noo.

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