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2/24/99 - HEY! - Well, as we all know, Garbage didn't win any Grammys this time, but hey, they've still got time in the future to get some. hopefully tons.

5/13/98 - YEAH! - Garbage's new album, Version 2.0, has just been released 5/12/98!!!! 12 great tracks!!!

DID YOU KNOW - Shirley was married to a man named Eddie Feller, on the 7th of September, 1996.

Garbage is:
Shirley Manson -vocals, guitar
Buch Vig -drums, loops, noise & efx
Steve Marker -guitar, samples, bass
Duke Erikson -guitar, keyboard, bass

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Garbage Lyrics
The Garbage Dump-the first and the best Garbage Homepage is now accesible
Tra La Blah and all that Garbage-the second best Garbage Homepage
Official Garbage Homepage
Garbage Rise From the House That Grunge Built
Garbage Fan Page: Torn Apart
Noah's - The Garbage Page
The Garbage Pail
Apothecary Garbage Homepage
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