Back On My Feet

B-Side for the Paul McCartney Single
Once Upon a Long Ago (1987)
Released in the UK only.

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Track Listing
1.Once Upon A Long Ago
2.Back On My Feet
3.Don't Get Around Much Anymore
4.Kansas City

"So I went down to the studio and he had a track ['Back On My Feet'] with some spaces in the lyrics and I filled in the blanks. And the two songs on this album aren't the best 50/50 representation of how we write together, because I took in these couple of songs--here's some I made earlier!--that I'd been working on and hadn't finished yet, and said 'Can we work on these?'And that way we got to know how we worked, and went on and wrote other songs, which are intended for his records, so there's not much point talking about them yet because I don't know which ones, if any, are going to be on the album."

-Elvis Costello