Shelter Is The Other Band That I Saw Live With Unwritten Law, and No Doubt! They Are Truly Awesome and Fun! But I Do Not Believe in That Krishna Stuff For Everyone's Information!

They are a Krishnacore-band but in no other way comparible to 108. Shelter makes melodic hardcore, very good to sing along with. Their lyrics deal with problems of material life and Krishna-conscioussness. Ray Cappo and Porcell are former members of Youth Of Today. Porcell also played in Judge. Capppo is a priest in Krishna-conscioussness and he wrote a book about, titled "In Defense Of Reality" which contains conversations between Ray and a writer who is also a devotee. (I forgot his name) Ray also ownes a record-label called Supersoul, which is a part of Roadrunner. He formerly owned Revelation Records and Equal Vision Records.

"We are all spiritual persons. It doesn't matter what race we are, what sex we are or even whether we're religious or atheistic. We are all spirit souls trying to love and enjoy this world. But just as the moth joyfully flies into a flame only to meet his destruction, our material desires perpetually drag us around chasing sense gratification that leaves us empty, frustrated, and sad. That enduring pleasure and love we desire is our birthright, and can be obtained on the spiritual platform only. Shelter is about individuals taking up the quest in search of that spiritual calling within us. That quest will enlighten and enliven our lives. All of the world's problems we bitch about will decrease when we stop contributing to them. If we scream for change, we must be willing to make that change. As individuals take up the responsibility to transform themselves, society gradually changes. This is the panacea for our so-called civilization." -Ray Cappo

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