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Lead Vocalist of Jefferson Starship

"Diana continues to wow every audience at every show." - Dave Lerner

"Diana Mangano blew us away and shook the walls on 'Across the Board.'" - Dave Kraft

Just a few voices about Diana Mangano from the 2400Fulton Internet Mailing List.

Diana is an extremely talented singer who joined the Jefferson Starship in October 1993. First, she shared the female vocals with Darby Gould (who had been with the band since the reformation in 1992), but Diana took full responsibility when Darby left. And in what way she did (Darby is definitely not missed a single second)!

Diana's extraordinary vocal power makes (especially the German version of) Jefferson Starship's latest studio album Windows of Heaven really take off! Her lead vocals on songs like Blessings, Borderline, Millenium Beyond and Out of the Rain are superb. Unfortunately the management decided to take off both Blessings and Out of the Rain from the US release of the album (apparently the management did not want to pay the external writers of these songs). So Blessings, my favorite song on the German version, is not available on the US version. See the Jefferson Starship Discography for information on how to order both versions of Windows of Heaven. Diana sings of course also on the latest Jefferson Starship release, Live at the Fillmore

After joining Diana has toured extensively with the band, both with the full electric version and the semi-acoustic formation with Paul Kantner & Jack Casady, known as the Acoustic Explorer (or Shuttlecraft). There are many tapes in circulation of these excellent shows. And in 2001, three official live albums of very high standard has been released, in particular Across the Sea of Suns where Diana's versions of Hyperdrive and Eskimo Blue Day really stand out.

In september 1995 she recorded two tracks (with excellent result) for Henry Kaiser's Jerry Garcia tribute Eternity Blue: High Time and Brokedown Palace. To buy the record directly from CDNow, click here.

Diana is energetic and powerful (as Grace Slick once was), but yet very expressive and dramatic. The expressiveness of her voice adds a lot of new dimensions to Grace Slick classics like Across the Board, Lather and Darkly Smiling, which she in my opinion nowadays makes better live versions of than Grace herself ever did. And now we have not even started talking about the new stuff yet...

Diana got her talent from her grandparents: two grandmothers could really sing and her father's father was a jazz musician (since he was 11!). Born as the fourth of five children (the rest are boys), she grew up in a very rural spot in western New York and graduated from Fredonia State University.

When she is not on tour with Jefferson Starship she works at a church related facility to help single mothers and their babies. Most of these mothers are very poor, hooked on drugs, and have a history of abuse.

As her brother Chris puts it, Diana "is a great person, very sensitive and compassionate, our own Princess Diana without the paparazzi and $$."

The way Diana joined the band is a true American story. She gave Paul Kantner a tape where she sang Lather. Paul and the JS manager at the time, Michael Gaiman, gave it a listen in the car on way back to the hotel in Buffalo. She was hired the next day. And the rest is history...

Joakim Levin

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