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Rick Brown (bass)

Great, veteran bass player, he also appears credited as Ricky Brown, or Ricky Fenson (or Ricky Fensen).

This was the backing band for Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages in February 1960:

A fantastic band. All the musicians were really superb. They were fired in June 1960, although they rejoined Lord Sutch in September 1961.

In April 1962, the band changes. Bernie Watson and Nicky Hopkins leave. The great Dave Wendells replaced Bernie Watson, for some weeks:

A powerful lineup! He was replaced by Ritchie Blackmore in May 1962. In November 1962, the original lineup of The Savages get all together to join Cyril Davies in his original lineup of Cyril Davis & His R&B All Stars: And, in January 1963, they augment the band with another singer, the mythical Long John Baldry, as well as a trio of backing vocalist, called The Velvettes: By the way, around January 1963, Rick also played in the original incarnation of John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, although not leaving Cyril Davies band: And even more surprising! Rick also played with The Rolling Stones (along with Carlo Little) for BBC Radio's 'Jazz Club' program, as Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman couldn't attend due to their work commitments. This was the one-off lineup:: Rick and Carlo also played some odd gig with the band in July. This is what Bill Wyman says about Rick in his fabulous, huge book "Rolling with the stones": "Brian [Jones] even tried to get them to join the Stones on a permanent basiss, but was out-voted by the others. I was again impressed with Ricky's driving bass style and runs and I tried adding some of his ideas to my playing".

Coming back to Cyril history, in May 1963, Nicky Hopkins is hospitalized. They kept on without him:

But in June 1963, Rick leaves to join Lord Sutch again (and Bernie Watson left to join John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - Rick was replaced in the band by Cliff Barton). This was the new edition of Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages: In August 1963, they changed their drummer, and Carlo Little returns: Ricky left them in January 1964.

In November 1964, Brian Auger reforms his group The Trinity, and Rick joins him.

They only recorded 2 singles. Soon after, they are joined by a new member: In April 1965, the group evolves into a new band, The Steampacket: Their recordings, made in December 1965, were never to be available, but after Rod Stewart's success (with Faces and later solo career), the recordings were released in 1973. Since then, the album has been reissued under different titles. It happens the same with several obscure recordings by people under the influence of the same manager, Giorgio Gomelski (The
Yardbirds, Jimmy Page, Brian Auger, etc.). I like this album, it's has a very distinctive 60s sound.

It seems that Rod Stewart's Storyteller box set must contain some other material from that group, but I'm not sure.

In April 1966, Rod Stewart leaves, and the band disbanded.

Around September 1966, he joined Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames for a few weeks, replacing Colin Green:

But they called it a day in October 1966.

Most of The Steampacket remained as the nucleus of a new band, Brian Auger - Julie Driscoll & The Trinity:

Rick Brown left them, around March 1967, joining Georgie Fame Band again: This was their new lineup in January 1968: And then? Well, as it happened with so many great, unsung heroes of the 60s, he seemed to disappear. But he's alive and well, and after 30 years of not knowing about his musical projects, he reappear as part of Carlo Little All Stars in 1999:


1. Did he ever play in the first times of The Jeff Beck Group? I mean, sometime in the period from March to September 1967.

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