Solo albums: A guitar virtuoso, he has been Roger Chapman's right hand for many, many years. But he has a very interesting career, having released with his own albums.


This was the first band where I've found Steve Simpson, but I can't find info about them, except that Jack Brand played bass on it. Help, please!


The liner notes in one of the Slim Chance albums say that Ronnie Lane formed his new lineup with the members of a band called St. James Gate. Does anybody know info about if Steve was a member here?

(different incarnations of Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance)

After many personnel changes, Ronnie Lane calls Steve Simpson to play in his band Slim Chance in October 1974:

But Jim Frank soon left the band, being replaced by great drummer Glen Le Fleur:

They released the album Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance.

Next to leave is Glen, being replaced in March 1975 by a new drummer:

The lineup is decreased with Ruan O'Lochlainn leaves.
(from left to right: Steve Simpson, Charlie Hart, Ronnie Lane, Brian Belshaw, Colin Davey)

Next album was the live One for the road, recorded during Autumn 1975. But soon later, in March 1976, Ronnie Lane dissolves the band.

You never can tell is a 2CD featuring BBC sessions plus live tracks. Steve Simpson appears in many of these tracks. Thirteen tracks were recorded live in 1974 (the Lane/Simpson/Belshaw/O'Lochlainn/LeFleur lineup). Four tracks were recorded live in 1976 (the Lane/Simpson/Belshaw/Hart/Davey lineup), and 6 more songs were recorded live also in 1976 (the same lineup plus a very special guest, old mate Ian McLagan on keyboards). Other musicians featured in this album are: Kevin Westlake, Billy Livsey, Bruce Rowland, Jimmy Jewell, Chrissy Stewart, Benny Gallagher, Graham Lyle.

The compilation Kuschty Rye - the singles 1973 - 1980 was released in 1997, and Steve Simpson is featured in 7 tracks, along with the musicians above mentioned, plus Cal Batchelor, Henry McCullough, Eric Clapton, Carol Grimes, Bruce Rowland, Jimmy Jewell, Benny Gallagher, Graham Lyle, Kevin Westlake, Billy Livsey, Steve Bingham, Ken Slaven, Chrissy Stewart, Alun Davies. It also contains two bonus live tracks recorded on March 1975, so I guess Steve is featured there.


Any info would be very welcomed! Again, I only know that Steve Simpson, brother Bruce Simpson and Jack Brand were members.


The first lineup of the band was formed by:

They released Code of the road in 1977. Their second album, Three times a day, was recorded by the same lineup, with some guests, such as Keith Nelson (banjo), Don Weller (sax).

Soon after, their lineup suffers multiple changes:

A third album is released also in 1978: Takeaway.

I don't know when they parted ways. But, even today, it's not unusual finding some Meal Ticket one-off reunions from time to time.


Steve joins Frankie Miller for a tour in September 1978. Miller always had superb musicians in his band:


This band recorded Falling in love, with help of other great musicians, such as  Tim Renwick (guitar), Terry Britten (guitar), Ron Aspery (sax), Dave Wintour (bass), Chris Hall (keyboards), Chris Slade (drums), Barrie Guard (percussion), Linda Taylor (vocals), and from Ace: Paul Carrack (keyboards, backing vocals). Arrangements by Frankie Miller and David Mackay. Orchestra conducted by Barrie Guard. It contains several versions; for example, Bob Marley's 'Is this love', or John Hiatt's 'If I can love somebody'. The album was released in the States under another title: A perfect fit.

The CD release includes one bonus track: 'Something about you'.


Note, this is a band, not a guy. Formed by Steve Simpson, this is a sort of superband, including great guests for gigs. They didn't have a stable lineup, as in the vein of, let's say, Hinkley's Heroes (see below). The original lineup, in 1980, consisted of:

Soon after, Tim Hinkley asks Steve to play in a similar outfit, called Hinkley's Heros that he had formed a few years before. This led to a mutual swapping of musicians between both bands.


In July 1976 Tim Hinkley formed Hinkley's Heroes comprising friends and band mates. However they reformed from time to time with different line ups such as:

The band was often complimented by others with fine musical pedigree, such as Brian Robertson, Jimmy McCulloch, Joe Cocker, Roger Chapman, Charlie Whitney, Mick Ralphs, Poli Palmer, John Halsey, etc. For example, this was the lineup in December 1979:

(Roger Chapman & Steve Simpson, 1998)

In 1981, Steve joins Roger Chapman in a very fruitful ensemble, up to this day.

I haven't been able to find accurate data about the live lineups, so I'll be detailing just the lineups for the albums. Please, anyone who can give me more details, please write to me!!

First Chapman album where Steve appears is Hyenas only laugh for fun. Recorded in 1981 with Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Steve Simpson (guitar), Jerome Rimson (bass), John Wetton (bass), Tim Hinkley (keyboards), Poli Palmer (keyboards), Nick Pentelow (sax), Stretch (drums), Alan Coulter (drums).

The band in 1981 was this one:

A new double live album is released with this lineup. Called He was she was you was we was, it includes a cover of Jimi Hendrix's 'Stone free'.

The album from 1983 is called Mango crazy. The lineup is: Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Steve Simpson (guitar), Boz Burrell (bass), Ronnie Leahy (keyboards), Duncan Mackay (keyboards), J. Cook (keyboards), Nick Pentelow (sax), Alan Coulter (drums).

In 1984, Roger Chapman releases The shadow knows. Musicians list is: Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Steve Simpson (guitar), Tony Stevens (bass), Brian Johnston (keyboards), Nick Pentelow (sax), Sam Kelly (drums) and John Lingwood (drums).

Techno-prisoners was released in 1986, and Steve is playing again with Roger (he missed the album Zipper). Recorded with Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Boz Burrell (bass), Tim Hinkley (keyboards), Nick Pentelow (sax), Poli Palmer (keyboards), Henry Spinetti (drums), guest appearance by Alvin Lee (guitar, from Ten Years After), and Rob & Ferdi Bolland (also acting as producers), Jan Hollestelle (bass), Shell Schellekens (drums), Gerbarand Westveen (sax).

Walking the cat was released in 1989, and it features Steve Simpson (guitar), Micky Moody (guitar), Bobby Tench (guitar, vocals), Tim Hinkley (keyboards), Mick Rogers (guitar, from Aviator, Manfred Mann Earth Band and Greenslade), Alvin Lee (guitar, from Ten Years After), Mark Feltham (harmonica, from Nine Below Zero and Box of Frogs), Nick Pentelow (sax), Jeff Seopardie (drums). The album contains a song written by Steve, the fantastic 'Jivin''.

Bobby Tench also appears in Chapman's next album, Hybrid and lowdown. Again, full of good musicians: Micky Moody, Steve Simpson (guitar), Nicky Hopkins, Tim Hinkley, plus Phil Spalding (bass, from Original Mirrors, Mike Oldfield band and GTR), Peter Stroud (bass, currently with Peter Green), Nick Pentelow (sax), and John Lingwood (drums, from Brian Auger band, lately in Company of Snakes and still with Roger Chapman).

After four years out of Roger Chapman's band, Geoff Whitehorn played with them again in Under no obligation: Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Steve Simpson (guitar), Laurie Wisefield (guitar), Alvin Lee (guitar), Peter Stroud (bass), Andy Bown (bass), Mick Weaver (keyboards), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Ian Gibbons (keyboards), Mike Paice (sax), Bob Jenkins (drums). Produced by Mike Vernon.

Kiss my soul was released in 1996, with Steve Simpson (guitar), Jay Stapley (guitar), Joe Chemay, Ingo Reidl, Geoff Dugmore, Juliette Roberts, Carol Thompson. It includes three songs co-written by Steve, plus songs by John Wetton, Micky Moody, Russ Ballard or Jim Cregan.

The lineup in 1997-1998 consisted of:

This lineup recorded A turn unstoned?, with help from Mark Feltham (harmonica), Keith Airey (guitar, brother of Don Airey), Melvin Duffy (pedal steel guitar), Paul Weimar (sax), Steve Hamilton (sax), Steve Stroud (bass), Graham Broad (drums), and from the Brian May Band: Jamie Moses (guitar), Spike Edney (keyboards), Susie Webb & Zoe Nicholas (backing vocals). There are 3 songs co-written by Steve Simpson, plus songs by Jim Cregan and Ric Ocasek (from The Cars).

In 1999, it has been released a double live album by Roger Chapman. This is the lineup featured there:

The 2CD album is called In my own time (live), and it features recent live tracks, plus some others recorded back in 1993.

The lineup for the 1999 tour, promoting the album, consisted of:

But in September 1999, Pat Crumly and Paul Hirsh leave, and Nick Pentelow and Ian Gibbons return to the band for a two months tour: Chapman's new live album is Rollin' and tumblin', recorded in 2000, with this lineup: Apart from all these albums, there is another a couple of albums, where the whole band appears under pseudonym. The first album, credited to The Shortlist, is called The riffburglar album, and Steve is credited as Suede Soupspoon (funnily, this was the name used for the label of his solo album). The second album, credited to The Riffburglars, is called Swag, but I don't know if Steve appears there.


After playing with Hinkley's Heros, some of those guys started playing with Chuck Farley too: Geoff Whitehorn, Roger Chapman, Poli Palmer, Bobby Tench, Mick Clewes, Marty David, etc.

This is the lineup that recorded the self-titled Chuck Farley album in 1983.

A later lineup included:


In the mid eighties, Bobby Tench formed a live soul outfit, with superb musicians.

There were no official albums released.


In the early nineties, Steve formed this band for gigs, formed mostly with mates from The Shortlist different lineups:

In 1993, Peter Stroud leaves, and Gary Twigg arrives:

What can I say? Two great maestros, side by side. They know each other very well, after having played together in Roger Chapman & The Shortlist. From time to time, they perform some tours as a duo (for example, in 1995). I just wish I was there!!

Some other times, they appeared as a trio:

This is a band commanded by Errol Walsh, containing great drummer, veteran John 'Willie' Wilson. The original lineup included Steve Simpson, along with other superb musicians:

Although Steve didn't stay in the band for too long, he appears in their first album, Coyotes. Errol Walsh & Steve Simpson also play as a duo from time to time.


Again, a loose association by Steve and some of his friends. Sometimes the lineup is:

Some other times, they have appeared with Peter Rees (from Bobby Tench Band):

Steve Simpson has released a solo album, a live concert from 1998, entitled Alive and well. This is the lineup:

But Steve can be often be found playing with different lineups. Another usual lineup is: Or: Steve gigs are hard to trace. He's always playing, the surprise can be his partner(s). Last months, he has been playing gigs with old mate Willy Finlayson, alone with Malcolm Hoskins, or with Errol Walsh, etc.


Steve Simpson has been touring recently with Eric Bibb:

Steve and Dave Bronze had already played some gig as a duo back in 1998.


Press here to read about Steve Simpson sessions

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