The Voice Within...

Date:Nov 30, 2004
"stronger" britney spears
Well I just read my guestbook and apparently i have a "secert admirer" haha its kinda funny, in a cute way....but, sorry i am taken.... i am going out with the most wonderful guy ever!! haha i'll just leave it at that... well i have to go write my senior paper (40 pages on cheating!!) AHHHHH!! THe crazyness!!! .....ttyl XOXO heather

Date:Nov 2, 2004 Election Day
well not really a song...Just got that "sublime cd #2" stuck in my head
Well it's been a long time since I have written anything. What can I say..I've moved, made some changes, life is good!! I'm not going to write my whole life story like I usually do because apart of me feels this time I want to keep this part of me well keep it somewhat special or something. Normally I would go on and on how things are and how I feel but, Im just going to say things are wonderful and they couldnot be better. Just plain and simple- life is good. My birthday is coming up within a few days, and my friends keep asking me what I want for it as a present...simply...I just want to spend it with them. Thats it. That is a gift in its self. Memories. Well today is election day and I did vote.. and encouraged many many people to vote (yet i wanted to say " long as it's not for bush) but i did refrain myself... although there was this guy, an older the verizon store that said it was a shame that all these younger voters were out. I could not believe what I was hearing. He said they were not informed and they just listen to what P Diddy the rapper says. I had to argue with him!! It was just insane! It was apparent he was voting for the wacked out Bush. Well other than that my simple complex life is always on the im must go for now...Next time I wont wait so long to write all you wonderful people ;) XOXO ~heather

Date:Aug 1, 2004
it's too early...
come to my surprise..the guitar players girly signed my guestbook!! i did not mean to cause any drama! g'z!! it was like this...i thought one thing and another thing's all goes on. well i did talk the guitar player a few times..he seems to be pretty cool. anyway, enought of the "band". i was talking to erin's old roomate jessica aka "jessie" and we've decided the dating scene was much easier being "stable" but, being happier is what's important...just gotta keep telling myself that. what else is new.. JAIME is comin down next weekend!!! OMG the girls will be in town!!!! Who knows what troble we will get into! Im soooo excited I havent seen her in forever..well many like 4 weeks... then 2 weeks after that me and her go to AZ. haha... i'll be like nicky and paris roadtrip but, jaime and heather...crazy!!! erin is going to die when we show up in the stripper shoes hahaha!!!! ;) (we love u erin~! we are so going to mexico!!!) well l.c.k. girls, and erin i miss you and love you girlies!! and cant wait to see you all....and cia sorry if there was any confusing or cool with you and i know where you stand.

Date:July 29,2004
3EB/1000 Julys
Well last nite I saw that band again...the lead singer came over when he got there and looked all happy to see me..once again gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. Then later in the night me and him are sitting at the bar and I asked him why he hasn't called and he goes well you meet alot of people..blah blah blah giving me all these reasons..then I just say " you have a girlfriend, dont you?" and he says "well..." that just explained it! Then a little later this girl comes had to of been her! But I did end up having a good night though... I hung out with the guitar player, he ended up being my "pretend boyfriend" so I wouldnt get caught up in the drama of the singer and his gfs drama going on (they were fighting) haha maybe i caused it!?! who knows?!?! same shit that happened with the band i used to live and tour not worth it! thats what will break up the band! hes better off without it and so is she. oh well enough of my to do laundry.

Date:July 27,2004
JOHN MAYER...Room for Squares..Track 13?
I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I defiently have been down in my luck with men for quiet sometime now but, when you know somethings right is usually is just kinda get that sense. Well see, I went to gators on sunday just to hang out..see what was going on..not expecting fact..i didnt even dress up or anything..i looked across the room..and BAM!! I couldnt keep my eyes off him!! It was like the was the only damn guy in the whole damn room! He waived and I just gave him a smile back! I just didnt know what to do!! He was the singer of the band..After the show I went over to him and said "you guys were great..blah blah" and haha he accidently stepped on my shoe lace and it came untied..and little me said in a flirty way "look what you did" haha the guy got down on his knees in the bar and tied my shoe!!! I couldnt believe it! Then as i was going to leave i told him bye, and he asked me if he could walk me to my car and i said sure...we talk for a short bit and i got a kiss on the cheek.."sweet" I told him we should hang out sometime, so i gave him my number..who knows what will happen...give it 3 days..

Date:July 5,2004
It seems as if in everyones life at one point or another they want to spend time with only one person. Well it seems as if Im starting to become that "one man women". I dont really have anyone in particular in my life that I could share "special moments" with or just little stupid things..but, it would be nice just to have just one person. That one person that be with...and just be..My friends think Im crazy! Having the nickname "The Legend" and all...I have to live up to that..but, when in comes down to it you can still be "legendary" with having the "right" person.. I dont know Im just blabbing on...but, you know you met someone real special when you want to change....not because you have to. I'll just take it as it comes..he's out there..when its my time-it's time...i just look forward to that day, if i havent met him already!

Date:May 29, 2004
Mood:Missing him..if thats a mood?!?!

I just broke up with "him", your probely wondering who he is?! Well his name is Chris...I've been going with him for about a month and a half. Well I just broke up with him yesterday. I just felt like I had so much stuff going on in my life and he had so much stuff going on in his life. The break up I guess was pretty mutal...I told him how I felt..he told me how he felt..he said he really liked me..I liked him..he wants to see me still..he told me to give him a call next week. So I guess I will give him a call next week sometime maybe on Wed or Thurs hopefully maybe we can do something to do something on Friday or something...I kinda miss him. Im going to miss the text messages in the morning like "good morning baby"...(sigh) Must be strong...Gotta be strong...I have to do this for myself If I do if for anybody.

Date:March 21, 2004
Mood:Just good mood....and Happy my homework is done!!!
Song: Hoobastank...(umm..there new song)

Well Im not going to bs you...I went out this weekend and I was a REALLLL single girly. I saw Matt you know the bartender guy from like a month ago (read back) he was hitting on me and stuff...crazyness!! And he liked kissed me. It was like all this time I was trying to get with him and then I asked for his number and he didnt give it to me then a month went by without seeing him and then he was trying to get with me and then I got him and now I dont want him. Plus he still has a girlfriend! Then I talk to this guy I work with..I really like him but, Im not sure where he wants me to fit...or where I want him to fit...its like were just there. oh well its fun. who cares?! but, he wrote the cutest things in his journal! I sware! the cutest! I dont know about this whole having a million trillion boyfriends anymore...its really getting to i really just want just one. I cant handle having like two main ones or one main one and 3 side ones. its just to insane. its fun but insane. Anyway...I am sooooo transfering out of my department at work!!!! I cant stand being there anymore!! Or Im going to get another job...but, transfering first. I mean I've been there for like almost 2 years..its about time and its just time. and i like this guy there and it would just be the right thing to do...Well I need to go chit chat with my girlys...later.pppeacccceee...

Date:March 18, 2004
Mood:Love..Work Fustration
Song: ???? Im drawling a blank

I have to say the single life is a blast but, apart of me missed being "attacted"....with that said its time to find that one special person that just makes me whole. I think that person is Brook. I have been spending ALOT of time with him recently and he just makes me laugh we just have so much, and we just know each other like a book..its crazy.. Things are better now since we did have a little break and patched things up between us. No relationship with anyone else can compare to what me and him have...I mean for g'z sake I was going to marry this guy!! I dont know...I really dont know what to say.. I guess I just need to see where things go. I mean I really do love him with all my heart and I know he feels the same for me. I know Im done seeing whats out there for me..(it's a scary place full of men out there!!-they are crazzzzzy!) Being single was its time to get serious, Im graduating soon!! I dont like to be on shakey ground and I felt that way the whole time I was single. Its time to get real. Also maybe if Im "attached" those guys at work that keep checking out my ass every night might cool it a little...just maybe?!?! There's always hope!! Well I need to get soon beauty sleep...PeaCCCEE!!!

Date:March 11, 2004
Mood:Deep in Thought
Song: In this skin/Jessica Simpson....

Ok if all your were wondering why the last entry was erased..I erased it because I read it and I was thinking "what the heck state of mind was I in"...I DO NOT repeat NOT feel that way!! So if you read it..I DONT feel like that..So if you read March 8th entry disregard. Anyway...Let me bring you full circle into my world. I am having a good time with the guy am dating with a few bumps along the away which maybe can be smoothed out. See, he has never been in a relationship. This is his first relationship so everything is new to him. He thinks we are moving to quick. In all honestly...I feel you cant control what just happens. You just have to do what you feel. You cant hold back emotions, if you do then your missing out on moments and memorys-Laughter, Happiness...All the good stuff in the relationship. Also, There is a lot of friends getting in between the relationship. Like it's me, him, and _____, and our problems. Its like a mediation session in middle school. I think that we are both adults and can handle our problems ourseleves. Yeah I have walls built up but, how am I subpose to bring them down if I cant even talk to him about problems in the relationship...I dont have to now because I'll just tell my best friend and she'll evenually tell him. I know she means well and I know his friends mean well. But, us handling them would be the ultimate goal here. haha And not only that he wont even talk to me tonight because of this thing with his friends....I dont even want to get into it.... Maybe another night. But, this really has to stop. I dont need this drama in my life.

Date:March 2, 2004
Mood:Well not really a mood...Lightheaded...
Song:" Life is just a lonely highway,
Iím out here on the open road
Iím old enough to see behind me
But young enough to feel my soul
I donít wanna lose you baby
And I donít wanna be alone
Donít wanna live my days without you
But for now Iíve got to be without you

Iíve got a pocket full of money
And pocket full of keys that have no bounds
But then I think of loviní
And I just canít get you off of my mind

I am going out on a date with my offical haha boyfriend on Friday...I am soo excited!! Its going to be really fun!! Everytime I am around him we just laugh and just get caught up in the moment. Some people wait thier whole lives for moments like these. Its like i've known him so long or something. I want to tell him everything about me and know everything about him but, I hold back... or there isnt enough time. He is wonderful...he doesn't do anything wrong..even though he think he does because Im joking with him (hear that!) He is just the most perfect boyfriend ever so far!! And when I kiss him its like...I get all dizzy...I have to litierly have to hold myself up. He takes my breathe away :) I really think I'm going to fall in love with this guy. He is just amazing!! I've never expected to meet someone so special and so wonderful right under my nose. Its a miricle from god.

Date:Febuary 29, 2004 but, in the afternoon
Mood:Cheery....but, out of control haha
Song: "Can you put your hands on my waistline put, my back in a slow grind, put chills up my spine, let me get mine-you get yours"

Anyhow....It is soooooo nice out!!! I can not say it enough!! Why the heck am I inside right now?!? It is so one of those roll the windows down and blast the music days!! Well so far i've done that and went of course Shopping!! I got the cutest pants in world!! They are black with pink pinstripes! And I got this cute little pink top to go with it...its sooo hot!! I really wish I would of gotten to see my guy "friend" today but, no...he was busy doing homework and such....kinda sucks but, oh well. But, its soooooo beautiful outside!!! I so can't wait till summer! Summer has to be my fav. time of year!! Hopefully they will have some cuter clothes out than last year...If not I guess I'll just go nude haha jk. I just cant wait to get in that pool though!! Its going to be soooo fun!! and g'z my rents are going away on Sunday....haha in the words of E "good times...good times" Im sure there will be. E is so hot.....What can I say...haha I want his body hahahahaha ;) This heat is getting me! I need to go cool off! hahahaha Cheers!

Date:Febuary 29, 2004 a school girl with a crush haha ;)
Song: "Im crazy for you, Touch me once and you'll know it's true. I never wanted anyone like know its can feel it in my kiss...Im crazy for you"

Love is such Big word...or maybe its not...Maybe people just make to be a bigger word than what it really is. I find myself studdering the words out like lllllllove real quick like its a hard word to say out of the dictonary. I've been in love before once, and have loved before but, why is it so hard?!? Its like it should be a good thing. I mean you get that cant wait to be with that person...its like just pure passion....its like haha you "love" them. haha Hey it's late...I can use the word in my definition if I want to. Anyway...before every guy that reads this jumps out of the window after hearing the word "L-word"...haha jk ;) I wanted to say something about my weekend. I got a chance to spend sometime with this guy I have been dating. Let me tell you, it is the hardest thing for me to express how I feel but, Im going to try. This guy makes me feel so special and just so amazing. He is just a wonderful guy. haha He's been making me dance around on cloud 9 for the last week. I get all giggly when I talk to him and get all butterfly-ie...its cute! I really just remember us just lying there and talking for hours about nothing and just having fun. Time just went by so quick, I didn't want it to end. Just an amazing weekend...with an amazing guy.... Gosh, I think i'm falling for him....Crazy!!

Date:Febuary 24, 2004
Quote:"As we speed along this endless road to the destination called who we hope to be, I can't help but whine, 'Are we there yet?'"

Im really upset....I think this guy that I like is uspet at me. I think i've just done it this time. I mean it was like this. Everything seemed okay, he walked me out to my car...we exchanged a few words....Boom everything was wrong!! I hate when I cause things like this!! I really dont want to screw this up! but, once again... Maybe I just dont get it or something?!?! Dammit I really like this one!!! O, gotta go he's IM'ing me!
My Advice: Don't trust guys SIGNALS!!- They can be ALLLLLL wrong!!

Date:Febuary 23, 2004
Song: "What if I told you it was all meant to be?
Would you believe me? Would you agree?
It's almost that feeling that we've met before
So tell me that you don't think I'm crazy
when I tell you love has come here and now

A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this
Some people search forever for that one special kiss
Oh I can't believe it's happeneing to me
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this

Everything changes but beauty remains
Something so tender I can't explain
I may be dreaming but until I awake
Can't we make this dream last forever?
And I'll cherish all the love we share

Anyway.....I just had that song stuck in my head I had to get it out!! A lot has changed since I have written last. I am soooooo done with that loser bartender guy. Let me update you on that. Well I went up to him in school and I was like "do you think i could get your number so we could say in touch?" he was like "i dont think my gf would like that but, you should meet me up at the bar so we can talk about this some more"....I mean what the hell is that subpose to mean? Guys are sooo confusing. So me and my girlfriend went up to the bar sat down order a few drinks and some dinner, he came over said hi and said he would be around again. All night he never came by again. So as I was leaving I went up to him and asked him he wanted to talk to me about he just played stupid. What a jackass! So his loss... Then last weekend I went on a "super" date haha. It was really fun. We went out to dinner and then bowling. It was kinda funny because I've only been bowling like twice in my whole life and I'm like a total kults. haha He's a Really great guy. Hes soooo funny! He just makes me laugh and makes me feel really good. Im sure he is reading this so its kinda embarassing. haha But, he is just a great guy!! :) I really look forward to going out with him again. He brings out so many differnt sides of me....which makes it so hard for him to figure me out, its kinda funny. Im having such a great time! First kisses are great....even when your nervous as hell and you have a million things going threw your head. Gosh, I feel like Im making no sense right now. haha See what guys do to you!!! ;)

Date:Febuary 9, 2004
Quote: "and You don't know my name..." and "everybody needs a little change, can taste the flavor of the summer rain, fall behind the winter days, spring ahead and I'm back on pace...."

My most fav. holiday use to be Valentines day..but, now no more! It's like this year, it means nothing to me. It seems as if its lost its sparkle and flair, almost as if "will I EVER find Mr. Right". I was once again in the bar this weekend just hoping the guy am just crazy for would be there, would just take me away into the sunset...but, haha he wasn't even there....the bartender said he had "a wedding thing to go to". Then I spaced out into another world just thinking of the other girl he probley took with him..."what is she like..." "how did they meet.." "why did they meet before us.." I hate when I do stuff like that.. I guess just everything seems to come into play when it is supose to. Then Mr. Im a real jerk but, let me buy you a drink sits down. He always seems real nice in the begining of the night but, then "boom" real jerk. I've never understood these guys. He finally leaves and its just me and the bartender and my girlfriend I came with. The bartender over hears me talking about how hot, I think the guy that should be there is...he then gets involved and says oh yeah...well were trying to break up him and his girlfriend. So it was true. He really does have a girl. Maybe I should just let him be...but, Im a real risk taker. Where would have my last relationship of 3 years been if I didnt take that risk? Im really not sure what to do...but I have good intentions :)

Date:Febuary 5, 2004
Quote: "Im crazy for you, Touch me once and you'll know it's true. I never wanted anyone like know its can feel it in my kiss...Im crazy for you"

This weekend I saw him at the bar...he just took my breath away. Me in my cute little get up...went over and starting talking to him..he gave me a drink. We danced.... It was just a increadable night. If I could just hold on to any memory from the night it would just be the way he smiles at me. Despite the kiss on the cheek I got goodnight....which was very nice. When he smiles its just like a peircing right threw me. I can hear the music playing and the way he is looking at me as if it was just yesterday....but, yesterday has pasted. Its time for today and tommarrow. So this weekend out to the bar once again..but, I'll step it up a notch and see where it goes...but nobody knows.

Date:January 28, 2004
Mood:Butterflies in my tummy kinda feeling but, confused as hell!
Quote: "Im addicted to you cause you know that your Toxic..."

Well today has been quiet intresting...I got a chance to really get to be with ... today (the guy i like). It went kinda intresting... I found out he has a girlfriend but, it doesnt really seem like he does b/c he certainly doesnt act like it at ALLL!!!! I mean it seems like something right out of a sex and the city eposiode! Its crazy! But, I just have this feeling to take any risk with him.... Like put it all on line. For the first time in my life I really feel free. Its a great feeling! I really like this guy and I wish I had more time but, I have 3 weeks of class left which is not long!! So I have to take this risk!! and I will!! Least if I fail I will know I tried!

Date:January 21, 2004
Mood:Butterflies in my tummy kinda feeling!
Quote: "Im addicted to you cause you know that your Toxic..."

Well it's been a looooong time since I've had a change to mangle out a few somethings here. Its kinda refreshing! Well whats mainly on my mind..This guy is SOOOOO hot in my art class! LET ME TELL YOU!! haha I mean HOT! Not just HOT but, Damn HOT! haha And I think he likes me...he was like flirting with me allll of class!!! It's like when someone likes you, you get that "middle school butterfly happy go lucky" feeling!! It's great!! I just really feel like i'm on cloud 9. Nothing can stop me. Wouldn't it be nice if everyday was like this. A happy go lucky kind of day, even when it's pouring rain outside. Im usually not the type of girl that first focuses on looks...but, when he just walked in the room it was like..."Who are you?" But, I want to know, he just has this mystery about him that pulls me in. Who is this Mr. Mystery guy?!? I very excited to find out!! Plus he is such a great flirt...just like me :)

Date:October 28, 2003
Quote: "You can turn off the sun, but i'm still going to shine"

There are sooo many things I'm am excited about!! Let me tell you!!! Yesterday was my first day back at work! It was FABULOUS!! And everyone knows I am 150% MBNA!! I loved being back into the groove...everyone missed was just great!! Also this weekend is my friend Erins halloween party!! it's going to be so fun!! Im dressing up as Supermodel Barbie!! hahaha I have pink shoes with rinestones w/ that sparkly blue barbie plastic heartshape rinestone braclet...topped off with a blonde barbie wig!! How cute?! "Come on Barbie lets go party" haha Then my date is being Homor Simpson....haha were going to be the oddest couple there. Another thing I'm excited about is...well this is kidna dorky...the new Britney Spears Cd "In the Zone" is coming out on the 18th of Nov.!!!!! I can't wait to get it!!! I LOVE Britney!! To bad its coming out AFTER my birthday!! But, her first hit with Madonna is so good!! Oh yeah, to update you guys from last journal....i'm so not annoying and done talking to my neighbors....they are such losers. And you know whats really weird....I think this guy in my class thinks i like him or he like me or something...he keeps like smiling at me when i walk into the classroom and stuff...its kinda weird....i heard him wispering to this girl i know...something shady is going on...what do you guys think?!?!??!

Date:October 9, 2003
Mood:Thinking kind of mood....

I can't really think of one but, "Boys" by Britney :)

Well here I am at school waiting for my teacher...Where is she?! She told me she would have a class tonight so I could make up time but... She is not here!! This sucks!! So once again I am forced to stare at a blank wall with no one around in complete silence and think... I just keep thinking about how my neighbors, roomate said I was could anyone say that?! haha yeah right!! I know I can be! So I have TRYING to do EVERYTHING not to be since! I even asked brook and he said i can be annoying and he knows me best but, he said he just got use to it...i dont want people to get use to it. he says i just like the phone to much and i gab to much....i guess thats why i have a journal online hahaha so my goal is not to use the phone to much...and not to gab as much...i'll be hard but, i know i can do it! i got alot better with brook...i use to call him at 3 am all the i get off the phone at well see

Date:October 7, 2003

But I can't help it
if I'm just a fool
always having my heart
set on you
'til the time
you start changing
the rules
I'll keep chasing
the soles
of your shoes

Don't you just hate when some says they will call you and they dont? (Especially guys) It's like your not good enough or something?!?! I just don't understand it. I have spent many nights wondering why...Am I to I dyed my hair brown...Still no call. I changed my outlook on life....still no nailpolish...everything about me...Maybe it was just because the guys was just a jerk or he had a girlfriend and he got caught!! That was just plain simple!! Why was I to blind to see this in the first place?! I guess I was just to inscure with myself. Moral of the story is.....Don't change yourself for that jerky guy who never calls- and there is NO such thing as the three day rule!!! Oh yeah...It's okay to take things slow....Never let a man push you, thats a sign he should be kicked to the curb!

Date: Sept.23, 2003
Mood: Good...Bright eyed...but, kinda tired
"When it gets cold outside and you got nobody to love, You'll understand what I mean when I say, There's no way we're gonna give up, And like a little girl cries in the face of a monster that lives in her dreams, Is there anyone out there cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe, Is there anyone out there cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe" I guess it's like a Maroon 5 kinda rainy day....
ANYWAY....Here I am MONTHS writing from last time.....yep Im still alive!!! Everyone is probely wonder what took me so long to write something well simply I could write you a list of 100 excuses but, i just won't... I've still be dealing with this chest pain i've been having since feb. i guess cupid shot me in the chest instead of the butt and im still recovering haha jk the doctors are still not sure whats really wrong.... the summer has been pretty relaxing though. its given me time to figure out who i am and what is meaningful to me in life....i just have had a lot of time to do a lot of what you would call "soul searching". It was kinda funny today someone asked me where I was going to be in 5 years and I immediatly knew the answer! It really felt great! Months ago I would have stared into space and just been like "duh.." I really do believe that everything does happen for a reason and everyone has a purpose for being on this earth. I know that doesnt sound like any thing philsophical or anything but, without that one person the world would feel empty. Even if it is someone you dont particually care for. Well enough of me and my meanings of life and the world....Enjoy the afternoon and have a few rounds....Live life to the fullest

Date: June 27, 2003
Mood: Tiiiiirrrrreeeeeeddddddd!!!!!!! Sleepy!!!
Quote:"One of these days....." Is this song never going to get out of my head!!!
Today: Today was a day of non-stop constant singing (for serious-like 6 hours)!!!!! I'm trying to get ready for this TV show in a month on channel 28 or 66. It's pretty interesting how I was "discovered". I never thought in a million years things would happen so quick! I am going to be signed up with one of the best vocal intructors in the area (Marty Miller of Bender Music School) and start my intense training to techique and breathing. I will also be having lesson from another teacher as well along with practice with my band three times a week, plus my person practice time equaling about 6hrs a week. This is going to be an intense project, but all these people have faith in me so nothing will stand in my way!! So look out Kelly Clarkston and Michelle Branch because here comes the real rockstar! :)

Date: June 25, 2003
Quote:"Can you look me in the eye and tell me are you happy now?"
Today: I am told I am.... van∑i∑ty
Pronunciation: 'va-n&-tE
1 : something that is vain, empty, or valueless
2 : the quality or fact of being vain, or shallow
3 : inflated pride in oneself or one's appearance : CONCEITED
I'd say I can be somewhat a vanity type of person but,'m always thinking about other people and never my needs (thats why i get these stupid anxiety attacks). I am a huggggggeeeee giver to the community and donate a lot of time to a variety of organizations (A.I. DuPont Childrens Hospital, Cecil County School District, help the homeless org., MBNA community, etc. I love doing things for other people, it's the best feeling in the whole world. One of my goals in life is to make a positive differnce in peoples lives through emotional support during tough times. I look foward to this experience while im working on my education at wilmington college and hood college now.
Anxiety attacks suck!!!!!!!!!
Lets just say being up all night and puking all morning over a toliet is wayyyy worst than a hang over!!! (i think!)

Date: June 24, 2003
Mood: happy and spirtual
Quote:ohhhhh cowboy take me away......haha!
Today:Well today has been a great day so far despite the constant chest pain and the hour of physcial therapy (agghh!) I ran into an old friend named Brian! Funny enough he ran into ______ today haha! and they work ironic! It's nice to run into old friends!! He's doing pretty well it seems and I look forward to talking to him again. I got to see Brook today also he has been gone for a few days which was also nice. We didnt really do much of anything. Just kinda saw him, had lunch, talked some church stuff and said bye. Maybe we'll get to hang out this week more?! Anyway I'm off to watch some Oprah!!! Maybe tomarrow I'll have a interesting story to tell. Peace out homies!

Date: June 23, 2003
Mood: upset/confused
Quote: "Now what to do, my heart has been bruised, so sad but it's true, Each beat reminds me of you"

**....makes me that much stronger**

**EnTeR mY pIC paGe!**

**I WaNt To SigN YoUr GuEsTboOK...So I'M cLicKinG HeRe!**

**I WanNa ViEw ThE GuEsTboOk...So I'M cLicKinG HeRe!**