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Spice Girls news:

A lot of rumours have been going around about the spice girls new album "Suger and Spice" will be released next year but Mel C says is total rubbish! "The album will be released June 1st, everything else is total rubbish!" They will be finishing off the album as soon as Mel G and Victoria rest for a while with thier babies. I've heard that thier new single Goodbye is still #1 in Canada.

Goodbye no spice?!
A guy claimed to have written the lyrics to Goodbye but the spice girls press officer claimed that that was rubbish and that the spice girls did write it and that this kinda thing happens to every band!

The spice girls saved a life of two girls who have run away but they said all over live TV that they wanted the girls to come back and three days later they did!

My strongest Suit
The spice girls new single is called "My strongest suit" I heared it and it sounds lovely! You can hear it by clicking here! If you would like to hear the FULL version then please visit my multimedia page by clicking here. Thank you to America Spice for the link (America Spice link is at the bottom of the page so scroll down to read some GOOD news!)

Blackstreet snub Spice?!
Blackstreet new single "Boyfriend/Girlfriend" with Janet Jackson was supposed to be with the spice girls, after the spice girls recorded the song for them, the producer said that Janet would do a better version so he dumped the spice girls, it was Mel G's dream to work with them but I guess that wont happen!

Emma news:

Sleeping Beauty
Emma's going to star in the BBC production of Sleeping Beauty. She missed out on a radio interview because she had the flu. Well get well soon Emma! She's also recording her Sleeping Beauty song.

Endless Jade!
She and her Boyfriend Jade (from boy-band "Damage") will be doing a duet together and non-other then the hit endless love which was a Diana Ross song! Read more? Go to America Spice (link at the bottom of the page)

Baby spice went to an auction to buy song lyrics for charity, she bought 2 songs, Bryan addams lyrics of "Everything I do (I do it for you)" and also another song for over $30,000 each!!! Well done Emma! The spice girls wrote the lyrics to "Goodbye" and signed it and a guy bought it for around $25,000!!!

Mel C news:

New Album
Mel C is making her new album with the help of non other than Madonna! She's helping out with the album and maybe they're doing a duet together, we'll see! Mel is currently at the States recording her album, so far she has 22 songs ready.

Mel C helped charity by taking photos of a Chelsea football player, she's a nice girl isn't ghe? Read more? Go to America Spice for more cool news (link at the bottom of the page)

Victoria news: Vicki is currently relaxing and having a break after a BIG year and a baby ! She claimed ahe will be getting into more acting. Maybe you will see her in the new Bond Movie! Read more? Go to America Spice (Link at the bottom of the page)

Mel G news:

Word Up
Mel G had her baby (Pheonix Chi on the 18th Febuary! Congratulations! Her album will come out before June so look out for it!!! Her new single is called "WORD UP" and it will be on the soundtrack of the Movie "The spy who sh*gged me" which is the sequel to the Austin Powers movie, she already filmed the movie (before little Pheonix was born) Read more? Go to America Spice to read the full coverage! (Link at the bottom of page)

Geri news:

Look at Geri!
If you were watching TOTP on the 16th April then you would've caught the WORLD EXCLUSIVE video of Geri's new single "Look at me", It will be released on May 10th in the UK so please buy it and make her #1! The song and video and song shocked everybody particulalry me! In the video she plays 4 characters, a virgin, a vamp, a sister and a bitch! It's in black and white and it's kinda a mini video and it brings GINGER spice dead and the all new Geri Halliwell alive, so she probably sick of being Ginger! The songs extra cool and Geri's voice is great in it so if you haven't heard it yet be ready to be shocked!!! Anyway, Good Luck on your new single and please make her #1!!!

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