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Rhonda's Home Page.
Hi I'm Rhonda....I have only just moved in but I will try to get things up and running straight away (If you're lucky ;-)...)
I will put on stuff about Good News Week and Paul McDermott, the AFL including Tony Modra, Glen Jakovich and Gavin Wanganeen, also Mark Philippoussis. If you think you could help me with anything just e-mail me at and I will check it out. Well till later....
PS Dusty you can go and jump cause you sux....;op.....Cause I'm tha BOMB!!! hahaha
Please come back soon and visit me.

The description of my page is:
Pics of
*Good News Week
*Paul McDermott
*Tony Modra, Gavin Wanganeen and Glen Jakovich
*Mark Philippoussis
*Lano and Woodley
Some songs from GNW and others
Even a page about ME!!!


>Paul McDermott
will be up and running soon.

Footy Stuff
Players -Anthony Modra
-Gavin Wanganeen
-Glen Jakovich.....will be here soon

Please come back soon and visit me.
Last updated on 28th September 1999

people have cruised in here

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This page is unauthorized by anyone associated with Paul McDermott, Tony Modra, Gavin Wanganeen, Glen Jakovich or Mark Philippoussis in any way. This is all my own work so if you would like to take anything from this site and use it on yours please notify my first and maybe we could work something out....Also if I have anything of yours please tell me......Tah B;o)

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