My Haole little Ryan room!!
This sweet little haole boy is Ryan. He is the nicest boyfriend any girl could wish for! He's obsessed with old video games and various hawaiian words that he constantly misuses but he's a real sweetheart.

Recently i took him and my friend Terri with me to Hawaii for spring break! We had SO much fun! A more detailed account of our hawaiian exploits is on his webpage so check it out! Here are some more pictures of darling Ryan.
Ryan on the lovely beaches of Waikiki. He looks right at home in the sunshine doesn't he?
us at Waimea Bay!
Ryan in my old dorm room wearing my precious Arnette hat!!
Of course Ryan is a Bremerton Boy and has never surfed in his life....
Appearances are decieving aren't they? :)
Oi Oi
Come look at one of my other rooms!!