My lovely chick friends room!!
And no, I am NOT gay. Not that its bad to be gay or anything
These are just my dearest friends :)
This is my friend Randa. She was born and raised in Hawaii, a real island wahine! She knows how to hula dance and everything!! She is the Hawaiian me... we're so alike its scary!!
Randa with her beloved Fieldy from Korn.
Click the penguin to see some of Randa's wondrous works of art!!!
This chicky here is my friend Terri. She's the raddest chick i've met so far on the mainland. This girl is such a mack!! She gets more guys than Don Juan got chicks!!
A picture of Terri from before i knew her. (i stole it off her page heh heh)
Terri and i in the dorm from hell. There were maybe 5 people that spoke english in all of Orton Hall. Late summer in Pullman isn't very fun.
Click the kissy lips to get to Terri's super cool homepage!!
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