MUMBOS BRAIN was formed on April 4th, 1994. This was shortly after "Damn The Machine" got dropped from their record label. On April Fools Day in 1994 John Mason Skipp and Mark Poland were introduced to each other. The next day John, Chris, Dave and Mark got together for the first time. They wrote three songs in two hours. On April 4th they got together again and recorded "Enough of That". That was John's audition. With John as the new singer they named themselves "Mumbo's Brain". They were an excellent band especially when they played live, you could tell there was a lot of energy shooting out of all four members. They played a few clubs around the Los Angeles area including Q's and The House of Blues. Unfortunately Dave Randi left because he was tired of waiting for a record deal. Francis DiCosmo replaced Dave on the bass and Mumbo's Brain continued to write song's and were on the verge of being signed. Skipp left the band (details will be posted as soon as I verify) and Chris, Mark, and Francis went on to write and record many awesome instrumental tunes. That project was tentatively called "Straightjacket" and later led to the formation of OHM (Robby replaced Francis because he was working on other projects, including some work with Dweezil Zappa). There is no way to describe MUMBO'S BRAIN except for the fact that they were purely awesome There is nothing like MUMBO'S BRAIN.

Mumbo's Brain performing live
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