STUPIDbonk chefies on the head
chefies, cooks, trons, and management click for audio

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chefie resumes:
A different place every 6 months or so
Good Experience and Asset ??
Just can't hold a job ?? click for audio

Cooks and chefies and Cleaning
No soap, No sanitizers
No wonder people get sick eating out


Hey, you can skip this area,
I just wiped it down with a wet, dirty rag
that I've been using all day.
( but it does reduce the scrubbing pressure
from 4.5 lbs per square inch to 4.4-----thanks )

Hey, you can skip this area,
I just cleaned it with the hot water from the steam table
(that's been in there for 16 hours)


Hey, I can still cook/serve that,
it was on the floor for less than 5 seconds.  click for audio

Hey, when the guest wants to come in
after our official closing time,
put some visine in the food.  click for audio

 Manager make you mad ???
Shift meal of wormy swordfish
will take care of her/him
( and her only question was :
" How'd you cook the pasta
into the
      middle of the fish ??? ") click for audio
can of worms

mikey: "Let's help keep the kitchen clean for everyone"
(and then walk away leaving a huge green slime puddle on the floor)
(ever hear of a rag, mikey )

Excuse me now I have to go pee
and then stick my finger in the sauce.

Got your blinders on?
Then the potsinks'garbage disposal backing up
into the pot-washing sinks doesn't matter
--even if it sits in there for four days.
And don't forget your nose plugs !!

Electical wires hanging down onto the floor???
Electrical outlets covered with duct tape??? click for audio
Access panels to line cooler condensers missing???
Since it only impacts the INKC's---don't worry about it or fix it.

Dishmachine completely out of soap for 3 days??
At least it cuts down on the expenditures.

Ice Machine leaking??
Floor drains backing up?
Just put a caution sign up since
the maintenance dude
who snakes the drains
is on vacation.
faucet dripping

Profit margin and manager bonuses too low?
Reduce the staffing and hours worked by remaining staff.
But then don't forget to ask:
Why isn't the work getting done? click for audio

Busy night in the restaurant?
Manager missing?
Listen for the GameBoy
being played in the wine storage room. click for audio

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