Some of the quotes below may be found harmful to people over 70, people with gills,
people without gills, people with attractions to dogs, people with attractions to
other people, people with other people, people without a sense of humor,
people that worry about things, and people who think dogs should wear sweaters.
May cause seizures in children under 3 years of age. Do not operate large machinary
while under the influence of these quotes!

August 2006

  • This is fun like diarrhea

  • - What its like being alone (the TV Show)

    December 2005 - July 2006

  • We're all forgetful, someday we won't remember anything.

  • - Adam Lafayette

    May 2004 - early November 2004

  • it should have been spelled sikiatrist to make it
    easy for the nut nuts who are most likely to write it the most

  • - ARK-Pimp

    January 2004 - April 2004

  • Don't take Life too seriously, you might die!

  • - Atom L. Bomb

    Nov 2003 - December 2003

  • Lex Luther Ruler of Austraila activate the machine!

  • -- General Zod (Superman II the motion picture)

    May 2003 - Nov 2003 a long moment

  • I received an email that said YOU WON! in the subject.
    I jumped up and down all excited pulling out my hair and stuff.
    Then I deleted it.

  • -- Atomlbomb

    March 2003 - Late May 2003

  • If needed we will act (meaning war)
    in the name of Peace.

  • -- George W. Bush

    Late Feb. 2003 - Early March 2003

  • Blood of the dragon, Sting of the eel.
    Blood of the dragon, Sting of the eel Blood of the dragon, Sting of the eel.
    Blood of the dragon, Sting of the eel Blood of the dragon, Sting of the eel!

  • -- Atomlbomb

    Nov. 2002 - Feb 2003

  • Someone has got to think before they speak. It sure the hell isn't me!

  • -- Fred Woodworth

    Sep. 2002 - Nov. 2002

  • I'm saying if you stay, I'll hurt you. -- Brundle fly

  • -- The fly (the motion picture)

    End of August 2002

  • Guns don’t kill people…
    Postal workers do. -- Some postal worker

  • -- The Mexican (The motion Picture)

    August 2002

  • What the hell is Gracy Law doing here? -- Uncle Chu
    She can't get enough of me! -- Jack Burton

  • -- Big Trouble in Little China (The Motion Picture)

    Jun 2002 - Jul 2002

  • Never stroke a sleeping snake.

  • -- Chancey Furlough

    Dec 2001 - Mar 2002

  • Stop yelling, it will make you grow hair on your eyelids...

  • -- Atomlbomb

    Oct - Dec 2001

  • What I learned is to keep my thing in my pants

  • -- Some guy on Ricky Lake.

    Late 2001

  • Sometimes I bleed. --

  • The Others (The Motion Picture).

    August - Sept 2001

  • A little fat makes everything taste a little better.

  • -- Some character on TV

    May - July 2001

  • I don't see what the big deal is, my VCR has been running it's OS without any problems for
    years now, even with regular power outages, it still reliably flashes "12:00" on the display.

  • -- Josh Flood

  • Thats a good point. Microsoft should have a goal to make their software as reliable as a VCR.

  • -- Adam Lafayette

    Late MAR 2001

  • I stand in a room with three sunken chested men whose spleens have been removed.

  • -- Adam Lafayette

    FEB - MAR 2001

  • Never miss a good chance to shut up.

  • -- unknown

    LATE 2000

  • I was taking a bath in a tub of tacs.

  • -- Adam Lafayette
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