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This is fun like diarrhea.
- Sammy on "What its like being alone" (the TV Show)

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DEFINITION - ATOMLBOMB: An entity with a tortured mentality and sense of humor with a tendency to state how the weather promotes an erge to twitch.

Hello, I am a computer nerd, geek, rock fan, and other words your wouldn't want to mention in front of your grandmother. I have interests in music, movies, computers, and electronics. I used to be a dj at the VTC radio station, WVTC. Check out the web page for my old radio show called the Blood Keg. I am now a distant member of the VTC Computer Club. I have been in a few bands over the years, one of which was called MAKE IT STOP. The bloodkeg is where you can find multimedia that I have been involved in creating.

The Bloodkeg

For a several years now I have been into recording music. I own an eight track recorder and have slowly been improving my recording technics. I have made a few recordings with my cousin Mike who has a band in Mass. called SOUTH DOWN, my old band MAKE IT STOP which has broken up and some other random people. In the interesting music list you will find a list of musical artists I think are worth listening to.

Here are some lovely links for you and your friends. First a picture of me. Second my friend Jim's webpage.  Last Maria's site.

(Atom L. Bomb mid 1990s)
(Atom L. Bomb 2 Oct 25, 2003)

Picture pages, Picture pages, come and see our Picture pages. Maria (my girlfriend and I have taken trips over the years we have been together and we have been trying to document them with pictures. We have been on trips throughout the United States, Paris-France, Southern England), and Maria has been to the Netherlands.

Pics Page

One more thing here are some pictures from halloween 2004.
Halloween 2004

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