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I made this page using windows notepad, what's your excuse?

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Other websites just give you the promoters hype. Promoters will tell you that their duran duran/goth night is the most Industrial night in the world. Here I try to give you actual reviews from someone who doesn't work at any of these clubs, someone with an Industrial point of view. Granted opinions are like a**holes, everybody's got one...

There is no more Dark Carnival. Dark Carnival was one of the best nights within 100 miles that we've had in years, but it's no more. At current Connecticut has Bound in Hartford +

1. Flux - Thursdays At Gotham Citi New Haven, CT. Music is less than 50 percent Industrial. But it's all that connecticut's got to do on a thursday. The music is largely synth pop, ebm and pop-industrial.. Residents - DJ Seraphym and The AntiDJ

Jonathan Fritz <zahkunst1@hotmail.com> had this to say about flux:

"... From 11-12 it was not industrial. Basically it was the Ian FFord whino experience. New Order, Depeche Mode...and goth etc. But then the second hour was more industrial related music with songs from Funker Vogt, VNV Nation, and Skinny Puppy to name a few that I recognized. I have no idea when it opens or what the earlier part of the night is like.... The women there are hotter then in NYC and the sound was fine....Flux was refreshing nontheless"

2. There's was a monthly sunday night at Alley Cat in New Haven. I don't know if it's still there.


If you are club promoter be aware that I am forgiving of clubs I didn't pay to get into.

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