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Sorry i took so long. Dang, my life is way to busy. Serveal things that have happened in the Music world are: Sponge are working on their next album. Expect a new harder album from Pearl Jam in early '98. Green Day's new album is out next tuesday. Their first single "Hitchin' a ride" is climbing up the alternative music charts.

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here's something that is automatic, its wax estatic
here they come, the beautiful ones
Superman's dead!! Oh NO!!
Boy do i want them to come to my hometown
for anyone who wants to slap a spice girl
you're just a wannabe (not the spice girls)

World's Countdown for Week 2 (kinda)
TW LW 2W Song Group/Artist Album # Weeks Peak
1 1 -- Sick and Beautiful (2 wks. at #1) Artifical JoyClub Melt 2 1
2 -- -- Prisioner 311 Tranistor 2 1
3 -- -- Rascal King The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Let's face it 1 3
4 7 -- Baton Rouge The Nixons The Nixons 2 4
5 -- -- Walking on the sun Smash Mouth Fush you mang 1 5
6 8 -- My puriy Sponge Wax Estatic 2 6
7 -- -- Bitter sweet syhmpoy (can't spell) The Verve (forgot the name) 1 7
8 -- -- Lusk Backworlds (forgot the name also) 1 8
9 -- -- Can't you trip like i do Filter w/ Crystal Method Spawn Soundtrack 1 9
10 -- -- 3 am Matchbox 20 yourself or someone like you 1 10

last update: October 7,1997

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