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Skarority Grrl Presents:


What up all you rudeboys and rudegrrls? Skarority Grrl here. This is my webpage dedicated to my favorite stuff. That's right, you guessed it, SKA!!! So pull out your dancin' shoes, it's time to skank!!!


Okay guys.......I have found *the* coolest thing ever. It's called All Advantage and these people are actually willing to pay computer freaks like us, just for being online. Believe me, this isn't a scam (trust me, I wouldn't be doing it) and it totally works. All you have to do is visit their website and sign up. Then, a few weeks later, they will let you download their veiwbar (which is basically just advertisements for other companies). For every hour that you have your viewbar open, they will pay you. It's so phat :) So, what are you waiting for??

OR....You could always look at the awards that I have won.

I love ska. All types of ska. Old ska, new ska, second wave, third wave, I love it all. Some of my favorite bands are The Skunks, Skankin' Pickle, Less Than Jake, The Specials, The Toasters, Let's Go Bowling, The Cold Spot 8, Mock Turtle Soup, Mealticket, The Usuals, and Mustard Plug. I was nicely informed by a guy at my school that I was just a poser because I only like (to quote) "cheesy, pop-ska" and not ska-core. He said all the bands I like suck. Okay, everyone is entitled to their own opinion *BUT* this really pissed me off. So what if I only like cheesy ska. I don't really like harcore that much. So, how does that make me a poser? Is there a law written somewhere that says the only "real" ska is ska-core? No, I don't think so. And, besides, the guy that told me that I sucked is an idiot. He didn't even get into hardcore until a couple months ago, and before that, he liked all the same cheesy bands that I did. Then, because he's now a "hardcore punk" he feels he has to put down all those "cheesy" ska bands. So I think that *he's* the poser, not me :)

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Since I am psychic, I KNOW that you weren't about to leave my page without signing my guestbook, right?

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Allright guys. One of *the* best ska bands in Orlando right now is The Cold Spot 8. They just are the best. I love them so much. (Maybe it's cause I know some of them personally but still) They are just simply amazing. So, I know that you want to go visit their brand new website :) Right? Yeah, and you can even order one of their records.....amazing. Help support them, they're gonna be huge someday.

The Cold Spot 8


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Okay, so who wants to see a picture of me? WARNING: This is a cheesy senior picture. View at your own risk :) Oh, and my poor picture has been through a lot, so it looks kinda fuzzy-ish.

It sure as hell doesn't happen often, but this page was last updated on:


Well, I'm glad we could get aquainted. It's always nice to find people who like ska. And if you didn't sign my guestbook, I'll hunt you down and put gum in your hair. *I promise*
Feel free to drop me a line too!

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