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My Friend The Sun!

"My Friend the Sun"

Well I know that you're lonely, come in from the cold

Your shoes they need mending, your clothes they look old

Won't you pick up your pieces, it's never too late

Though it's never early to make a mistake As soon as you wake...

Although there's been rain, and it's coming again

Change has to be here, obviously

Though my friend the sun looks well on the run He's there in the distance,

if you care to see

I know that you're waiting, come out from your shell

There'll come a time when you'll remember it well

Take all the good times from chances you've had

Chances you've made and what you've learnt from the bad It's never so sad...


If season were reason, then there'd be no doubt

If sequel of changes worth putting you out

But on the question of whether you heard a lie

Answer yourself looking straight in his eyes Don't you realize...



Viscious But Fair

Downtown Flyers


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