Phil Tchmyr

Philippe Tchmyr
Drum Ecstasy

Phil plays noisebass guitar solo or to a computer-sequenced playback.
Drum Ecstasy is his fully-live band where he plays heavy and noisy trance on an overdriven and tightly processed bass guitar backed by three frenetic drummers: his brother Alexandre Kravtsov, Andrey Graf Chugunov, and Sasha Goroh. Formerly also by Marat Jumagul.
Drum Ecstasy

An average Drum Ecstasy show lasts from 40' up to 1:20', and is often coupled with a solo concert by Phil (bass only, or bass + computer). Concerts are backlit with slide shows, thus being exhibitions in their own right.


Drum Ecstasy live in the Netherlands



live in Bladel, the Netherlands


Byelorusskiy Klimat vol. 5

Side b: Music for waving (bass+computer)
Side a: Music for exhibitions & films (solo concert for bass #2)

Philippe Tchmyr - music concept, design, & bass
Petruccio - atmospheric influence, MIDI programming
Isabel Benito Benito - voice

Recorded at Zeug Records, Valik Grishko's, and MezzoForte, Minsk, Sept '96.

Belorusskiy Klimat - 1997 produced by Pan Records, the album consists of the programs of different periods, concerts and studio.

Drum Ecstasy Songs At the present moment the group is preparing a new program together with Dima Lukyanchik, ex-Troitsa drummer drummer & back vocalist.


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