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Auctyon: www.auctyon.ru www.auktyon.ru
Iain Ballamy, saxophonist & composer
David Bowie
The Cabbage Head Collective
Sergey Kuryokhin
Mumiy Troll
MUSIK NEUEN TYPS = MNT = Music Network – der Webhaus of several Berlin-based no-underground acts including Contriva, Sam Desire, Karel Duba, Joe Tabu + Wohnung.

The Autonomous Republiek 2B
The Byelorusskiy Klimat art group
Mike Bode – a European installation artist intervening our daily mental environment.
Barry I. Gluescar, deceased, a linguist
Kim Khadeyev, a philosopher and writer
Alexei Triton Novitski, a graphics artist
Tialpa Entertainment - independent filmmakers
The Yarblokes Collective: translators, poets, sketch writers, and legendary scoundrels.

Next Stop - New Life
New Faces

Cakewalk Pro Audio - our all-time sequencer and digital multitrack
NemeSys Music Technologies - disk-based, wave-table software synth
WinAmp - the MP3 medium

In Your Pocket - some post-Soviet city guides
Control-Zed - revolutionary art and software

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