Howdy Folks! Thanks for stopping by. Here is a link to my band's web site, Underdog,and some others: running, hiking, guitar playing, and GRATEFUL DEAD MUSIC! I'm always interested in trading for a few more interesting Dead tapes, so get in touch. See you at the Elliott Bay Brewery in West Seattle, Monday nights for Dead Night.

Links to other sites on the Web

This is my Grateful Dead Analog Tape List
My Jerry Garcia Analog Tape List
Jim Denaro's Dead Tape Site
The Yahoo Grateful Dead Index
Here are some pictures from a recent trip to Pennsylvania
My sister Martha's Home Page with lot's of Nursing links.
Pictures from Jim and Lisa's Wedding in San Diego
Underdog The band I am in (Under construction).
Wanda Homepage This is Shawn's band. He plays sax with Underdog whenever we can talk him into it.

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