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You have found a page that deals with the aspects of changing a male body (although one that started out ambiguous) and has changed to be a female. It is journey that I would not wish on my worst enemy. People can be so cruel and biased. People who you think are your friends, turn on you. I found out who really liked me when I had to leave a job that I had held for 13 years. Then after almost three years of not working, who still talks to me. Some do! More do not. The hardest thing you can ever do to people that know you and/or love you, is to tell them you are woman. They go into shock, some start telling you how you will go straight to hell. Others just start spouting off.. And others will tell you it doesn't matter, but it does. Then yet another scenario, the ones that freak out and then after some time say, hey it really is ok.

But there are moments of great hope.. I have retained many friends, made many new ones. Life is wonderful and there are some great people out there. I dated for quite a awhile. Some with men that knew about me from the start and some who didn't and still do not. It does not matter now, I am married.

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This page is about intersexed issues.. If this bothers you or you are under 18, PLEASE leave now!

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