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This page recently updated September 25, 2005. Dead links cleared out, a couple fresh ones put in.

Sit back, and enjoy!! Life's too short not to laugh and have a good time! Here are some links for your amusement:

Good Clean Fun! Family Humor Archive has hundreds of jokes and humorous stories that are clean and suitable for almost any audience.

I love Star Trek, but first, you just have to see Battlestar Galactica on the Sci-Fi Channel on Friday nights 10pm Eastern (check your local listing). The original was campy and fun, but the new version is intense. It deals with some very serious and timely issues. That's what good science fiction does. Watch it. The site also has a link to the classic series.

StarTrek.com is the official web site of Star Trek in all its incarnations.

The Trek Nation is a page dedicated to news, reviews of the episodes and on-line forums.

Memory Alpha is an on-line Star Trek encyclopedia.

Lost In Space: The Classic Series is the official site of that cheesy but entertaining old series.

Image of Robot List of the names Dr. Smith Called the Robot Fans of the Old Lost in Space program will remember Dr. Smith calling the Robot every name in the book. Here, courtesy of Charlie in Israel, is a compilation of those names.

Museum of Lost In Space Collectibles For fans of this cheezy old program, that I happened to like as a Kid, and still do! Star Trek is quality, Lost in Space is FUN!!

The Scotch Whiskey Association The preferred drink of the Pilot of the Airwaves, next to Lemonade, is Scotch. Enjoy a wee dram! But don't ye be drivin' right away! For the record, my favorites so far: The Laphroaig 10 Year Old, strong and smoky with a hint of the sea. Not for the faint-hearted! Also the Loch Dhu 10 Year Old, the Black Whiskey, which seemed to me to have a subtle wine-like taste. Very good, also. Or try the Tomatin, 12 year old, which is nice and smooth. And remember, no drinking unless you're a wee bit over twice the age of the scotch, give or take... (that means 21 in the US of A). And don't get an 8 year old scotch and try to drink at 16. First of all, that's too young to drink, second of all, 8 year old scotch is the cheap stuff that I wouldn't even use to degrease a lawm mower engine. Oh, and one more thing. I got a bottle of scotch that's been on the shelf for about three years. I have a wee nip every few months. Don't guzzle the stuff. Sip it. Savor it. Drink responsibly.

I think Marshmallow Fluff is the coolest stuff! Check it out! This is the official Marshmallow Fluff web-site.

Batman symbol The Batman - Batfan Page Batman was always my favorite hero because he had no super powers-- all he had was his courage, intelligence and ingenuity. This web-site is about the Classic TV Batman.

Image of Lt. ColumboThe Ultimate Lieutenant Colombo Site YES! Long have I searched for a web-site about Columbo in English! There's are a few out there in Italian, but I can't read Italian!)

Columbo has to be one of the coolest cops ever on TV... he never beats anybody up, or even carries a gun (like Sherrif Taylor on the Andy Griffith Show)! But he engages them in a battle of wits, playing the bumbling investigator and trips them up. You gotta watch it. It's on the Family Channel Sunday nights at 10pm Eastern Time (except when they pre-empt it for something lame). The older episodes used to be on A&E, but I haven't seen them in a while. Perhaps an extensive e-mail campaign would convince them to bring it back (start writing, people!!). Your local station might carry re-runs. Check the TV listings.

Go Visit The Gilligan's Island Page

The Official Gilligan's Island Fan Club

The Get Smart Home Page Chief, would you believe a web site devoted to that special agent of Control?

Warning! South Park is intended for mature audiences only. It is the filthiest most outrageously obscene show on TV these days. They get away with stuff you can't even do on HBO!

Having said that, I think the show is a riot. And unlike many other shows that push the limits of decency, this show actually has a moral to every story. Here is a link to South Park Studios the creators of South Park.

The Comedy Central South Park Site

South Park Quotes has a few hundred sound bytes from South Park in WAV and MP3 format.

Image of Calvin
The Calvin and Hobbes Jumpstation.

December 31, 1995 was a sad day for the Pilot... The last day of Calvin and Hobbes. But Calvin and Hobbes Still Rule!

Be sure to visit the OFFICIAL Calvin and Hobbes Page! Here they post, 11 years after the original day, each C&H comic strip!
Calvin and Hobbes

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