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The Pilot of the Airwaves at Home

The Pilot of the Airwaves at home. (Garfield lounging in front of the TV.) What is a Cyber-Refrigerator door, you ask? Well it's a place to put random things. You know how it is... that's where you put the test you got an A+ on, the finger painting your 3 year old sister did... phone messages from friends, the shopping list. This is the place where I keep the stuff I can't quite organize in the other categories.

This refrigerator last cleaned April 8, 2000What's that growing in the back? Did it just move?!? Oh no... !

To use a very, very overused phrase and graphic, this page is under construction (but hey-- what cool web page isn't?). Only this page more so than others, because what's here is a random collection of who knows what. That's why I hacked it off my original entrance page ages ago (making my enterance page load all the quicker :-) Trying to give this page a life of it's own is an exercise in futility, but what the heck. Tune in from time to time to see where this goes.

Pages of Mine That Are Actually Useful

The Serious Side of the Pilot Here you'll find links to: The History Net
Irish and Celtic History and Culture
The JFK Assassination

NEWCheck out my new Weather Page.

The Lighthearted Interests of the Pilot Here you will find fun, humor, silly stuff, Scotch & other find Liquors, and Science Fiction: Such as Humor Sites, Specially checked out by the Pilot for their funniness, also, Simpsons, Calvin and Hobbes, Lost In Space, Gilligan's Island... if it's silly, it's either here, or the links will take you there!

Music Links to some of my favorite stuff, such as:

Neil Diamond * Gordon Lightfoot * Al Stewart * Amy Grant * Elton John * Billy Joel * Scott Joplin * Beethoven * 80s Music

The Pilot of the Airwave'sRadio Reception and Resources Page!

A place to go to find out information on:
*How to get better radio reception,
*What radio stations are out there,
*Information on technical things and antique radios!

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Tired of getting time from people's watches that are fast or slow? Use the Navy's Official Clock, which is also the official time standard of the Unted States Government! It is synchronized to a real gen-u-ine atomic clock, that is accurate to a fraction of a second every gazillion years. Of course the accuracy of the time you see here depends on the speed of your connection as by the time the numbers get through slow modems, a couple seconds may have gone by. I usually go to the page first, then click "refresh," which makes the page update within a fraction of a second, giving a more accurate time than on the initial loading of the page. Please note that although the initial time will be accurate within these parameters, as the clock ticks it's that accuracy of your own computer's clock that takes over.

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Ok, let's stop monkeying around!

(Oppose censorship! Keep sub-standard humor alive on the internet!)

Fun and interesting stuff to look at:

The Pilot of the Airwaves Easy-Going Open-Ended Survey of your Musical Taste!

Pages of links to the Pilot's favorite sites on the Web

And there's more! I also have links here to other sites that reflect some of my many interests. Check them out.

91.5 WBIM FM, Bridgewater, Massachusetts

91.5 WBIM FM Bridgewater is the voice of Bridgewater State College. I hosted a weekly program of 80s music on the station for over three years. What I liked most about the station was that anyone could participate regardless of his or her degree program. (I had discovered that some schools restricted participation at their radio stations to communications majors only!)

The best way to check out WBIM is to listen. Until recently this was a problem for 99.9% of the Earth's population, since the the humble 180 watt transmitter only covers a few towns in southeastern Massachusetts. Recently the station started web-casting. To tune in via computer, click HERE.

The official WBIM Page, hosted on the college web site.

Friends and Relatives of the Pilot

Filmguy's Vault The brother of the Pilot, who is a movie buff, among other things.

Three of Cups Traditional Folk Music My sister, Ann Marie is part of a singing group that does traditional folk music spanning of 300 years from bawdy English folk songs, to Irish ballads to American Gospel.

The Pilot's Parents Well, kind of, sort of...

Peter, the Engineer at WBIM has his own web page all about radio and broadcasting. Peter is like Scotty on Star Trek... always there, fixing things, keeping everything running against nearly insurmountable odds!

Tara's Page of Wonderful Stuph Visit one of the Pilot's fellow DJ's, Tara Scarlett. She has a great page "Where the stuph is wonderful (most of the time)." I can't describe it, you just have to go there...

The Official College of the Pilot

And his Baby Sister, his Saintly Gray-Haired Mother, and his Aunt who fed him many fresh-baked brownies and cookies growing up!

Visit the web-site of the Official College of the Pilot of the Airwaves: Bridgewater State College in scenic southeastern Massachusetts. This is where I earned my History degree.

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