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Thank You for all your E-mail and suggestions.

This is Lord Rollo (Scott Rollo). You probably came from my other page at The SunsetStrip Alley .If not, you should visit there now. This page is all about my band. The band is named Lucid Dream and is taking northern New Jersey by storm. Email us your support. Feel free to read some original songs by the band or listen to some Midi files of a few of the songs. THese are short clips in MIDI format so they give you an idae what the song sounds like. However, we like to believe they sound better when we play them than they do in MIDIs. Oh well, Enjoy!

Our band roster is:
Al Blagg Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Scott Rollo (me) Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Da' Horn Bass
Rob Kross Drums

If you are a record executive and are viewing this page, please feel free to E-mail me. If you aren't, still feel free to E-mail me.

Send your recording contracts to speedo1727@aol.com

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