Tiny Go-Go's & Tiny Bangles

Take a tiny peek.

I have been lugging all this crud around with me since the early 80's (my high school years) and it's all just sitting there in the shed.

So... I thought I'd at least stick them up on a Web Page so old fans of the GO-GO'S and BANGLES can reminisce, and new fans can see things they might have missed.

(It's also a good excuse to keep up my Web Page-making abilities, whatever they may be, haha)

..........This page is going to be simple and sort of in chronological order.............(well, uh, not exactly)

GO-GO'S I was already a fan of the Go-Go's in 8th grade (1980), but didn't really know what they looked like. This is the very first picture I ever saw of them which, funny enough, came from some school-related magazine in my freshman year in high school.

Belinda Carlisle in grade school. Or more factual: "Belinda Kercheski" (I'm too lazy to go see if I even spelled that correctly)

Belinda in high school. At least she didn't have a "fro" in high school like Melissa Etheridge did (hee hee ! Sorry Mel !)

The first incarnation of the Go-Go's with origional drummer Elissa Bello & origional bassist Margo Oliverra

Another picture with Margo. That whole story about "We learned to play our instruments when we started the Go-Go's" was actually a big lie.

Proof right here. Here are the Textones, and there is Kathy Valentine.

Oh. Here she is again on another 7" .

Here is the first Go-Go's single on STIFF RECORDS. Amazing versions of the songs "We Got The Beat" and "How Much More". One can only dream about what the origional draft of "Beauty and the Beat" sounded like after hearing these. Sigh!

The form I filled out to become a member of the first official Go-Go's Fan Club. Intense.

Fan club stuff. Letter, signed by Linda Lou, welcoming me to the Go-Go's Fan Club International (aka: GGFCI) That's the origional envelope it came in (how scary is this ?!). The newsletter was titled "Let's Have A Party" or "LHAP" for short and only lasted 4 issues (as shown).

A postcard announcing the release of the Beauty and the Beat album.

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