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  • What's the Latest??
  • Weddings......definately? maybe?
    • Well the deed has been done, Liam Gallagher has wed actress Patsy Kinset. The couple were married the morning of Monday, April 7 in a secret ceremony that even older brother Noel supposedly didn't know about. This is the first time Liam will be married but for Patsy it's her third husband. A note of interest: Patsy's first two husbands were lead singers in their respective bands but now are washed up.
    • Noel Gallagher has wed his longtime girlfriend Meg Matthews, on June 5, 1997 in Las Vegas with only her parents, his mother and and Elvis impersonator on hand. The couple chose to get married Stateside because of all the pressure that comes along with the British press. After the ceremony everyone was treated to the impersonator's rendition of the Elvis classic, 'Love Me Tender' as well as a chorus of 'Viva Las Vegas'. Noel was in the U.S. recently for the Tibetan Freedom Concert.
  • Noel Speaks About Oasis Web Sites......
    • In an interview for MTV Latino, Noel was asked about the recent threats by their record company to Oasis website owners about removing all copyrighted material. He answered by saying the band has nothing to do with it. He claims that computers are 'rubbish' and told all fans to 'buy guitars' instead. Also he said he 'had no interest' in what's going on between Sony and the website owners, adding that he 'thought websites were for Spider-man' and that the Internet was something 'for fisherman'.
  • And finally there is a true release date.......
    • Creation records has recently announced that the new Oasis single will be entitled 'Do You Know What I Mean?' and it will be released on July 7th. It was previously rumored that the next single was 'It's Getting Better, Man' or 'My Big Mouth' and more recently 'Everyone's A Winner'.

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