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s Introduction
Welcome to the Bootleg Trading Machine, a unique new way to simplify the great hobby of trading live music on tape. Trading with participants of the Bootleg Machine requires no e-mail begging and haggeling over trades. Simply check on the tapes you want, input a trade offer, and hit the [Trade!] button. Within 24 hours, you should have completed the trade preparations.

Join the Machine
We are currently expanding the Trading Machine. If you are a tape trader and would like your list displayed in this format, please read our FAQ for information on becoming a partner in the Bootleg Trading Machine. To join, send your name, mailing address, e-mail address, and complete list (including length and an approximate quality grade for each show) to ( For commercially available bootlegs, list the date recorded, not the title of the bootleg. This practice will discredit the bootleg labels' illegal work while allowing you to trade the material you might already have. We also ask that after joining the Machine, you refrain from buying any commercial bootlegs.

Current Lists
To find the tape you want, please begin here by clicking on the appropriate artist.

Lists Sorted By Artist:

Rating System
The following grading system is used on all Bootleg Machine lists to describe the quality of the tapes being offered.
Rating Description
A+ Studio recording or near-studio quality soundboard bootleg from a first-generation CD, radio, or DAT source with very little or no crowd noise or talking in the background.
A Near-studio quality recording from either the soundboard or a really good audience recording containing clear, consistant sound and very little background noise.
B A well-made sudience recording of a show with clear music and slight crowd noise.
C A good attempt at an audience recording that falls somewhat short of expectations. There is often loud talking from the surrounding audience, and clarity of music fluctuates.
D A badly made audience recording with lots of crowd noise, distant music and many interuptions, incomplete songs, etc.
F Garbage. You won't find it here.

Return Postage Information
If you trade 2:1 with us, you must supply return postage. You can check the cost of mailing tapes on our return postage page. Please send only the postage for the number of tapes that we will be returning to you, i.e. half of the number you sent to us.w

The Bootleg Trading Machine is maintained by Martin Stabe, ( Send all questions, comments, applications for membership, and complaints to this address. Please note that any messages sent to this address will not be answered until mid-October.

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