(Clockwise from top) John Entwistle, Roger Daltrey, Keith Moon, and Pete Townshend

Hi, everybody! Welcome to my homepage about the BEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND EVER... no, not the Rolling Stones... THE WHO!!!

This page is just getting started (hey, I'm new at this), so I'm starting to add pictures, sound bytes, and everything I can fit in with 2 Megs of disk space!

Until then, here are some EXCELLENT midi files: (of course, being the cheap guy I am, I ripped them off of somebody else's page)

Won't Get Fooled Again


I Can See For Miles

The Kids Are Alright

The Real Me

Love Reign O'er Me

Put The Money Down

Pure and Easy

My Generation (I especially enjoy the mock Keith Moon drumming and guitar feedback on this one.)

See Me Feel Me (Theme from "Tommy")


Pinball Wizard

Our Love Was, Is

Behind Blue Eyes

Who Are You

Long Live Rock

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