Day in a Boat

On sun soaked seas
Baiting the handlines
Neoscan at the ores
Turning the bows into the Morea wake
For the thrill of it all
Across in the middle of the bay
A line of faces in the waiting hour
And I could see
Thge other world that was here
Can you hear it now
Were just on  the brink
Returning homewards
Together on

O mollaidh sinn			
An gaol S an gras
A thug dhuinn bith
Cho umhail fo ghrein
S i dealradh sios
Air reultan cein

And it was all there waitning
Just as we reached the door
Just as we reached the door

Nothing but the Sun

In there, out there

Then I began to see the sun and the moon
As I wandered round in orbit
On this land I called home
No Messiah up in the sky
That I could ever see, that I could ever know
To find my soul

Standing in the face of the gale
A raging night on the island
I passed an old man with a dog
On a hillside
Head bent in the weight of years
Headed back indoors
Lost myself in a T.V.
Three women in a kitchen in Chechnya
Staring at the world with frightened eyes

All i had done below the sun
Would count for nothing
In the turning of the world
When there is nowhere left to og
You walk alone and watch the wind
Eclipse it all

Nothing but the sun
Nothing but the sun
Nowhere to run
Nothing but the sun

The Mighty Atlantic

The roll of teh wind
As we sail across the water
The roll of the sea  
As were taken through the night
The dimming lamp of day
Leaves the crimson foam and spray
Across the face of the mighty Atlantic

In this cradle we found love
In our lifetimes we were broken
By the spirit we were turned
Here we touched the hope divine
And in the rapture and the charm
Came the tranquil and the calm
On the rage of the mighty Atlantic

Deepest grave, supreme deceiver
Brave new worlds and cursed emotion
Let your people og, bring me a saviour
White doves rise above the ocean

The brightness of the lights
As they stretch across the water
the exitement of the night
As were carried through the seas
ThereS a welcome lies in store
The strongest arms Ive ever known
In the homes of the mighty Atlantic

For the roll it is gentle
As the waves, they guide you over
Full moon across the sten flag
Our different worlds in constant motion

The roll of the wind
As we sail across the waters
The roll of the sea
As were taken through the night
Im coming home itS late
And you know I just cant wait
Fot the shores of the mighty Atlantic

Things That Are

She was the fairest
And her eyes shone of blue
I first fell in the autumn term
There was nothign I could do
School lovers swarmed
Around the courtyard wall
The rapure road aglow

She kept me warm that winter
And winter turned to spring
We never looked round corners
To the changes they could bring
Her live was a dart
And I swore she broke my heart
The world would never turn
The same again

I saw her again last summer
Where the hard rains fall
The grass grew long around her feet
Where the years took their toll
She once meant the world to me
But we by-passed destiny
On the road not taken
The road unknown

She was the only one
Eternity blindness could see
Our moments are rush and gone
All our pictures incomplete

The things that are 
And things that never can be
And things that we must bare
To share our destiny

Road and The River

Sun comes up on these mountain braes
And itS breaking on the high ground
And the rolling road
And the rolling river
Are all that I have to hold
There i  your arms

I went walking in the world
The voice of many waters
In the waking cascade
In the breathing we wait
On the rolling road
On the rolling river
Are all that I have to hold
There in your arms

ThereS a presence in the wind
And it holds all departed
And Im here in the power
And the long passing hour
The light rushing in
Great great gentle giver
All the craving I see
Falling way beyond me
On the rolling road
On the rolling river
 May you always be freedom
And the rolling road
And the rolling river
Are all that I have to hold
There in your arms
There in your arms

Meadhan oidhche air an acairseid			

Gealach air an acairseid				A moon on the anchorage
Ceatharnach na fheileadh				A champion, a kilt
"Te bhan, th bhuidhe bhan"				"A fair haired girl, a golden fairhaired girl
Mu meadhan oihche

Clann-nighean og s balaich abalaich a cruinneachadh
Mu bhuth Dhoilidh, S mu bhuth Chroinns
A coisechs, S a suridhe s a caithris na h-oidhche
Tionndadh a chlair air ais, na bliadhnaichean abachaidh
a ghraidh.
Am Bagh Cuilce, Aird an Aiseig, Lag an Domhainn, Ceann a Bhaigh.
Tionndadh a chlair air ais, meadhan oidhche, gealach s gealladh.
Sheas an cruthachadh stolda air rathad a steisean.
Sheas na earthraichean aig tamh.

"Bhidh sinne S crathadh lamh againn
Is bilean blath toirt phog"
Cridhe baidheil caoimhneil
Cho tairis ris an or
An guth S an t-seist a glaodhaich
"Far na robh min raoir"
Na bliadhnaichean a tionndadh
Briathran mor Mhicleoid 

Midnight on the Anchorage

A moon on the anchorage
A champion, a kilt
"A fair haired girl, a golden fair haired girl"
Around midnight

The young girls and the village boys meeting around
Doilidhs shop, and around Croinns shop
Walking out, courting and night visiting
Turning the recording back. The years of ripening love
The Bagh Cuilce, Aird an Aiseig, Laggandoin, Bayhead
Turning the recording back, midnight, a monn and a promise
The creation stood still on the curing station road
All the boats stoos at rest

"In that place there will be clasping of hands
And warm lips to kiss"
The heart of affection and human kindness
Sincere, pure as gold
The voice and chorus proclaiming
"Where I was last night"
The years are turning back
The big words of Macleod.

The wedding

The air was swaying round the first guitar I remember
We crossed the river by the Ostrum wall neath the stars
To where the wedding filled the hall
My father sang a song
Crossing the river, caught in the rain
Crossing the rythm, caught in the rain

Chased Cathy round the trestles at the edge of the eightsome
We watched teh lovers round the lodge at the edge of the sea
White lights and wooden boards
We watched the village take the floor
Crossing the river, caught in the rain
Crossing the rythm, caught in the rain

Last night I drove my children down by the river
Past the windows of the hall and the dust of our years
Then the radio came on
They said "someones playing our song"
Crossing the river, caught in the rain
Crossing the rythm, caught in the rain

ThereS so much I could say to you, but
Tonight Im sticking to the past like glue
When life gets tough, when times get hard
You know exactly who you are
Arm in arm, hand in hand
You take this woman, you take this man
Spirit dancing evermore
Endless circles round the floor

The Dancing Floor

Beside the braes of dawn
One clear new morning
Down where the lilies stood in bloom
I knew that I was just a stranger in this world
A wind just passing through
So we dared to stray
In these golden ways
We never never kept coming screaming
All its news at me
Well now Ive got news for you

No nothings all that it seems
In the strands and the weaves
Our steps renewed our lips confess
We were stranded at the altar of unkown delights
Down onthe road to happiness
And as the sunlight fills
The Highland hills
Its all become so clear somehow
that the days we spend
Were not made to end
We stand forever in the glow

Now the hours are few
And the days can be so cruel
Yes the nights are getting long
And that joy that you would always bring
Itll always keep me strong

So let me take you down to the dancing floor
You can walk out on the crows
Let us waltz away whats left of the living years
In celebration of the loved
Its all glitz and sparkle down on the dancing  floor
We can turn our lives aound
Just leave behind that wretch that you have been
With the fool that Id become

Thairis Air a Ghleann		Beyond the Valley

Choimhead mi ri m chul		        I looked behind me
Gun neimh gun truas		        Without rancour without pity
Larach mo chasan mu sgaoil		To where my footsteps were scattered
S iad a triall tron an uir		On their journey through the dust
Og toiseach S gu deireadh uair		From the beginning to an end of time
S gu na laithean solleir buan		And to the bright everlasting days
Thairis air a ghleann		        Beyond the valley

Thainig thu nuas		        You came down
Gu fasach truagh		        To a barren wilderness
S thog thu am faileas bhon a ghleann	And you raised from the shadow of the valley
Buidheachas is naire		        Gratitude and shame
An tomhas air gach lamh		        The measure in each hand
Togaidh sinn do chliu an aird	        We will proclaim your name in voice
Air slighe Dhia			        On Gods way

O mollaidh sinn			        We will praise
An gaol s an gras		        The love and the grace
A thug dhuinn bith		        That gave us our existence
Cho umhail fo ghrein		        So lowly beneath a sun
S i dealradh sios		        As it poured out its light
Air reultan cein		        On alien stars


This worlds not my home
Im a stranger to the storm
Save me, save me
Where the race is quickest
The tide runs strong
Save me, save me
A big sky above me
West winds blow
Sailing long distance
Breaking the foam

Theres a sky full of trouble
Lifetimes and fear
Save me, save me
Taking the soundings
Now the tempest is here
Save me, save me
And daylight is breaking
On out-stretched hands
Lost on the ocean
Reaching for land

Theres a lighthouse
Shining in the black
A lighthouse
Standing in the dark
All the worlds a ship
Shipwrecked on the seas
Breaking up in peices
Were clinging to the reef
Theres a lighthouse

© 1997

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