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well folks... sorry, no quizzes right now (it's only half the fun with all the search engines around)
now that I've reached my "ratings master" level at Yahoo's LAUNCHcast radio
I'd really love to share my music with you...
please use this link to listen to my favourite music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

while the quizzes are still offline, have a look at some real cool viedos instead:

My Sacrifice

Radio #1


Hanging By A Moment


AM Radio

If You're Gone


Coming Of Age

Solsbury Hill

Hot For Teacher

Going Crazy

Heaven Knows

Kashmir (live)

Closer To The Heart (live)



I have very unexpectedly been promoted to a new position within our company and got assigned to the new job by March 1st.
Therefore I'm afraid the quizzes will have to go on hiatus for a while.
Please bear with me while I'm getting accustomed to my new scope of functions. I'll try to return to the quizzes as soon as possible.
Those of you who are on my list of regulars will get informed via e-mail once quiz 25 is up. Everybody else please keep checking this page frequently to catch up with the lastest news regarding it's status.
Meanwhile let me thank all the 303 individuals or teams who have joined the quizzes in the past 2 years. We've become sort of an international family and I hope y'all enjoyed it as much as I did...

See you soon


so... just for the record: this is what this site was like back in the good old lyrics quiz days:
Hi and welcome to my quiz.
The latest update of the following links reflects to all entries received before March 1, 4:00 PM CET.
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Meet a friend!
confused with time zones? Check this link to see what time it is where I live (and never miss the deadline again...)
Meet the rest of the family at Gina's Cyberhome
And as if I wasn't already on a tight schedule I found another unpaid occupation on the WWW contributing to Austria's first online Webzine. Please make me feel that it's worthwile and check out



Most of these quizzes can be accessed via the Usenet Newsgroup
Some can also be found at or
If you can't find them just click on the quizmaster's e-mail address below and request the latest questions directly.
Some quizmakers maintain WWW-pages as well. To go there just click on the link.

The other maniacs Home Page E-mail
Paula and Susan (the S and P in STP) now have their own quiz on the web.
It's titled "The STP Challenge" and uses the same format as my Lyrics Quiz (though their questions might even be a bit tougher than mine *grin*)
visit request questions
Peter's Theme Quizzes
25 (very brief) fragments from 25 Top 40 songs with an emphasis on the 70's and 80's.
(sadly Peter's music quizzes are currently on hiatus, but his famous Potpourri quizzes are still up and running)
visit request questions
Bill Stahl , one of my Geocities neighbors, founder of the Music Trivia Web Ring, has a fine award winning trivia site you shouldn't miss to visit visit online access only
Vital Debroey's Javascript Lyrics Quizzes
Divided in different era sections. Online score information.
visit online access only
Vital Debroey's Missing Words Lyrics Quiz
...sadly is history by now. Maybe a little mailbomb attack can make the big boss post more of them :)
They sure were a lot of fun!
none request questions
Dimitri's Arbeidsvitaminen Lyrics Quiz
20 artist, song title and bonus questions
visit request questions
Rock Golf
A great music trivia quiz based upon the "common entries" format. Posted to selected newsgroups by Pat Kelly, who also established himself within the Top 10 of my Hall of Fame.
visit request questions
The Aural Retentives' "Audio-Visual" Lyrics Quiz
25 artist and song title questions plus a question about the corresponding video to each song.
Maintained by Brian Spollen
none request questions
Phil's Lyrics Quiz
20 artist and title questions regularly posted by Phil Fernandez.
Lately Phil started to post differnt formats occasionally (Phil's Artist Quiz and Phil's Yearly Quiz)
visit request questions
Eric van Gorkom's 40 Years Of Music Lyrics Quiz
25 Hot 100 Songs from 1955 to 1994. One question per year plus 4 bonus questions.
none request questions
Maurice's Lyrics Quiz
25 artist, song title and album title questions plus some extra bonus questions.
Maintained by Maurice ter Beek.
visit request questions
Robert's Record Collection Lyrics Quiz
Robert van Vonderen, the man in charge for sending in the Dutch Officials' answers to my quiz, took 120 albums from his collection to set up a quiz with 20 artist, song title, album title and corresponding trivia questions.
visit request questions
Roberto's Lyrics and Trivia Quizzes
Roberto Lambooy, member of the Dutch Officials Team, frequently posts his lyrics quizzes to Usenet. Lately he came up with a great trivia quiz too.
If only it wouldn't take him so long to disclose the answers and results... ;)
visit request questions
Jannie & Paul's Theme Quizzes
2 quizzes in one. Each quiz is dedicated to a different theme and consists of an international and a Dutch section (each a single contest).
25 international and 20 Dutch questions plus bonus questions and some hints.
visit request questions
Michiel Kootker's Rock Music Quiz
Knowledge questions, lyrics, soundclips etc.
Every week a new quiz.
visit online access only
Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz
25 regular plus 2 bonus questions covering songs from the 50's and 60's (pretty tough).
visit various quizmasters
Alan Bainbridge
has a nice site for 70's and 80's music which also includes a monthly quiz (10 questions, lyrics/trivia alternating)
visit from the web site

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