David's Home Page

Ancient and Future Catholics at Ancient-Future.Net
Articles and gathering place related to postmodernism and the timeless Christian faith.

Ancient and Future Reading List
A Catholic Reading list.

Songwriting and Music Resources
I have compiled links on songwriting and music in general, as both were a hobby of mine for awhile.

Financial Advice Links and Savings Tips
These are financial links I have compiled over the last year. I also include tips I use to save $$. (Now on a new server!)

Jonathan and David's Byrds Page
One of the leading webpages on the greatest band of the 60s and early 70s.

Every Vitamin Page
I have compiled information on every vitamin, pseudo-vitamin, and substances once thought to be vitamins. Ever wondered where Vitamin N, Vitamin B22, and Vitamin U came from? (Now on a new server!)

Health and Alternative Medicine Resources
Natural health, vitamins, etc, and some of their implications. This is strictly an informational site, designed to help people sort through the issues. (Now on a new server!)

My album and CD List
New and old (I have over 300 records and CDs, a lot of rare stuff).

The Barry Mcguire Album Page
Info and photos of every album that Barry put out in his long career. Barry was a 60s folk protest singer (Eve of Destruction) who later became a Christian musician. (Now on a new server!)

Joe South Lyrics
11 song lyrics from the Best New Artist of 1968, who wrote hits for many people. (Now on a new server!)

My Singles Page
All the 45s and singles I own

About me and all that!

My Brother's Page, on a new server!

Harry Anchan's Music Trading Page
He has LOADS of CD's and records, so if you want a certain song or album, check this page out.

People Search
This one works, Try it to find anybody!!

An Aid To Memory: Blogging With Tradition
My blog, dedicated to commentary on postmodern events, based on a Catholic outlook. This is the successor to Lux Dei Christian Rants


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