My Prefered Bits of Music

Here you have some impressive bits, which are among my favourite ones.

If you have the Real Audio Player, the pieces will be buffered and played automatically while they are being downloaded. That will let you listen them without having to wait them to be fully downloaded.

However, that won't let you save them into your system afterwards. So, if you don't want to only play them, but to save them into your hard disk push here to go to the bottom of this page.

I've made some changes to this page. Mainly, I've changed some of the usual bits (Those taken from the official albums) by rarer versions of them. For instance I've changed the Amarok bit by a guitar performance in which Mike mixes Taurus 3 and a bit from Amarok, because I've thought that'd please those of you who'd like to listen to things you've never listened before. I hope you'll like that...

If you don't want to listen to that pieces, but to save them into your system, you must use the following links:

I hope you like these bits as much as I do. If you want to get any bit you don't have please e-mail me and I'll try to send it to you or to put it here.

All of these are home recording without the specific permission of Mike Oldfield. However, as I'm a fan (I have all his albums) and I'm just trying to introduce more people to his unbelievable music wonderland I think he wouldn't mind (After all this could be considered mere publicity, and publicity is intended to sell more records, isn't it? :-)

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