Thanks to my dad, who lends me part of his account, I can put here some videos in RealVideo format. I've taken and encoded them from 'The Songs Of Distant Earth' CD (Or TSODE, as his friends say ;-)

I hope you like them, because they are impressive. You'll need the RealAudio player, of course. You can get it here.

Some people have contacted me to tell me that they have had some problems downloading these videos. But, also, other people have e-mailed me to tell me that they were able to download them and they saw them in their computers and that they loved them very much, so if you are one of those that had problems, try it again, because the videos really work now, trust me.

Anyway, I've tried to solve definitively this problem, and that's why I've compressed the videos in ZIP format (I've chosen the ZIP format because there are several decompressors for any computer platform out there). With this change I believe that most problems won't happen now, because the main problem people had was due to the fact that Netscape doesn't handle very well the RealVideo files.

So, to download these videos, just click in the link to the video you want and, in theory, you'll be asked if you want to download that file. If it doesn't remember that you can always right-click over the link (If you have Windows95 or NT 4.0) and select 'Save As...' in the pop-up menu that will appear.

After the file has been fully downloaded to your computer, you'll have to decompress it with a ZIP-compatible decompressor. If you don't have one and you have Windows in your computer, I recommend you WinZip, which is the program I normally use.

And, at last, you only have to open the RealPlayer program, play the file and enjoy it! ;-)

Well, after all this preamble, here are the files I've been talking about all this time :-)