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Greetings to all Nick Cave fans. Finally I have gotten off my arse and fixed this damned site up. Yes I know I have promised to do it for awhile and I know this site was quite pitiful in the past, but I thought Nick deserved a better tribute than the dodgy effort I previously put in. If there is anyone out there who feels like reviewing their favourite Nick Cave album, please send it to me and I'll put it up on this site. Also, if anyone has any suggestions or would like to see something in particular up on this site, drop me a line.

----------------------Karl Mayerhofer


A note from the site's creator:

You may notice that I do not use frames in this site even though my browser is totally capable of supporting them. I hate frames. They annoy me. There is absolutely no reason why we must use them. And that, ladies and gentleman, is that.

  Hey, I've even started a club. To join, all you need to do is copy this image and put it on your own site, but if I catch you using frames I'll kick your ass. If you do use the logo, email me and tell me so I can rejoice.


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This page was finally updated on April 28th, 1998.

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