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*NOTICE* I have decided to make a better sp page. Cause this one is bad So I will keep this here. But I will not be updating it. If you want to know when I get the new one up. Join my update ML. ok thanks.

Here is what is on Secret Destroyers!......

Tabs- Most of the tabs to the Pumpkins albums

Bios- Info on al the band members.

Links- A list of my fav. Pumpkin links.

Pics- Pictures of Billy,James,D'arcy and Matt.

Boots- Wanna trade? Here is a list of boots I have.

Misc- Icon's screen savers things like that.

News- News on the Pumpkins

Thanks- Thank you's to people who helped make this page.

About me- This page is about the me!(Like you care).

Chat- A java chat for you talk with other Pumpkin lovers.

Secrets A list of all the hidden sounds in SP's songs.

Awards Awards this page has won!

Boot Of The Week Each week I give a differnt Boot and I tell about it!

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Here is a random Sp quote!

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Last updated on 6-22-97

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