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This is Real Audio of our Friends Music!
It's Awesome check it out!!

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Check out Marilyn Manson
b4 he was a Star!!
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Night Shade Promotions Artists

Night Shade Promotions is my Music Promotions company
These are the bands I promote.

Burden Fly - The all original, high energy rock band, if you like Creed or Pearl Jam check out Burden Fly.

Serpentine 78 - The gothic metal band, if you like Type O Negative or Danzig check out Serpentine 78.

Living with Demons - Electronic industrial metal band. If you like Nine inch nails, or Marilyn Manson, check out Living with Demons!

Belligerent - A heavy metal sound that is brutally aggressive and devastatingly effective makes this band an absolute must for all serious Metal fans.

Terra Bellum - Gothic Metal band, anyone who has ever been fascinated by vampires and other denizens of the dark realms, this is the band for you

I.F.U. - Industrial funk union, One man, One vision, Hard edge industrial dance

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MORE Music Links!

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Links to some of My Favorite Bands

(no particular order)

Pearl Jam


Red Hot Chili Peppers


The Cure

Nine Inch Nails

Skid Row

Led Zepplin


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