Photo Album

B4 you look let me just say that I am NOT photogenic At All.
I just dont come out that good in pictures, but these are at least decent.
So with that in mind, On with the show.....

This section is pics of your WebMistress Luna

Leanin on a tombstone

In Jail

Just visiting

what am I lookin at..

Evil woman

Peek a Boo

These 2 are my dear friend Mat's art work.

Mat-Art 1

Mat-Art 2

These are pics of family, friends, my dog, and scenery where I live

Me and my guys on a gorgeous Mountain

He may be a psycho, but he's all mine

My beautiful sister Mari

Mari again

Mari 3

Mari 4

Party!! (boy were we trashed)

My Dog on a hiking trail

Mari's dog

A Deer at the cemetary


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