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Here are some great links for Midi's, Guitar Tabs, Lyrics, & more.
Here is...
The International Lyrics Server
Searching the Internet for a Certain MIDI File
Here's the Official Site for Woodstock '99, baby!!!!
The Official RENT Site
The Homepage for The Crane School of Music
Here's Orgy's Official Site!!
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts
Playbill On-Line
Here's Easy Music Theory lessons Online!
Here's The Guitar Tab and Lyric Info-Link Highway.
Here's The Guitar Tab Universe.
Here's the homepage for the Potsdam Pointercounts: All Male, All A Capella, All The Time!
My Fair Lady (Video)
HeadBang's Lyrics
MTV Online
Here's Korn's Official Homepage!
Deardear's Music Studio.
mushroomcloud.com Midi Files
The Grunge Page
Vikram's Midi-Fest presents Broadway, Broadway
The Eastman School Of Music
Geva Theatre
The Berklee School Of Music
The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
SUNY Brockport's Theatre Department
1776 The Movie and Musical
The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame's online page
The Lyrics Page
The Music of Today and Yesterday
Lyrics World
AL-Net - Ultimate Database
"Like An Unexpected Song That Only We Are Hearing"
The Phantom Of The Opera Nexus
Robin Songs
Midi Collections
Midi JukeBox
Servo's Midi World
Jared's Music Page
David Bentley's MIDI Page
Mad Dog's MIDI Man Music
Audio Depot @ Nomac's World
Punk & Metal Midi Archives
BeeJ's Midi & .Wav Page.
More Midi Files
Van Ketel's Lyrics Page
Index of Midi/music
WWW Music Database
"Golden Hits"
"The Ultimate Midi Collection"
Hip-Hop Lyrics
The Music Database
A great Metallica site
The Ultimate Weird Al Midi Page
"The Complete Midi File Directory"
More Midi Files
"The Midi Farm Internet"
Daydream - The Mariah Carey Page
"Music & Madonna"
"Vicram's Midi-Fest"
"CPR's MIDI Archives"
More Lyrics
"Bill's Best Midi Files"
Popular links such as Music, Misi, etc.
"Midi File Central"
"Audio Production Midi Sequences"
Mysia's Homepage
Index For Guitar
Midi Links
"The Best MIDI, WAVE, & Video links"
The Midi Web
"Classical Midi Archive"
"Chronos Midi Archives"
"Harmony Central: Midi Tools & Resources"
Directory of pub/MIDI/
WCMF- The Home Of Rock & Roll, playing "The 90's Rock You need, The Classic Rock You Love"
Directory of pub/midia/
Music Search to search for any more music links that you may need.

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