Chuck Up Your Nuts - Regurgitator **NEW RELEASE**

        Regurgitator is an Australian Alternative band from Brisbane, Queensland. They have a unique style of music which is a mix of many styles. The band is well known throughout Australia for their song "Kong Foo Sing" which is a brand of fortune cookie! The band lived on these while they were poor and broke.
        This page aims to introduce other people around the world to the band lovingly known as "THE GURGE", it will hopefully include some short clips from many of their songs and lyrics to all these songs. When I get a scanner it will have many funny & interesting images from the bands covers.
        If anyone overseas is interested in getting a Regurgitator album or EP. Then they should go down to their fave record import store and request one of them :> They have a contract with warner Music Australia and so that is who should be contacted, *I THINK*!!
        The band consists of 3 members, these being:

        Quan is the bands lead singer, lead guitarist, main song writer and all round FUCKING CHAMPION!

        Ben Ely is the bands bass guitarist, song writer and all round BEARDED FUCKING CHAMPION!

        Martin Lee is the bands drummer, occasional song writer and all round SICK FACIAL CHAMPION!

        The band plays at many venues in Australia, their best gigs being:

        Gurge Interview!
        Another Interview
        Download The Song "Hang Up"

       The band has 1 LP, 2 EP's and 4 singles... 

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