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Hey kids! Welcome to the all-new winnie homepage! It's pretty much the same, but it's a bit slicker.

We are a band from suburban Toronto and we play indie rawk with sappy lyrix, the sound that the kids crave. Yes!

Just like the old page, click on the buttons you see on the left and see where you go. It's that easy! So cruise around and be sure to tell us what you think, ya dig?

What's new: Oct. 22nd, 1997

Holy crap, it's been 100000000000000000000000000000029 days since the last update! Sorry kids, I know you've been waiting. Not too much is new…um…we played a few neat shows over the summer….except for the St. catherines show. Actually, the show was fine, but the shitheads at the Mindbomb sucked ass. Basically, they were not allowing kids [that paid to get in] to stay unless they bought overpriced food and drinks from the bar. On top of that, one jackass who worked there snuck his super-cool jock friends in through the back door so they could catch the bands without paying. Now that's punk rock. Wearing a Minor Threat shirt and drinking beer is even more punk. So, why don't you give the Mindbomb a call and tell 'em how crappy they are! Call 905.688.8397 right now! In anycase, Pecola rawked and played so loud that the deli next door was complaining! yeah!

Be sure toemail us if you want to book a show or get some gear, ok?

  1. Shows

No shows right now. We're on a break. B u t. . . . . jason has another band called Science Fair [sub-fi, sci-fi] so keep an eye out!


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