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the park at 17 flat street has the following:

6 foot Halfpipe:  12 feet wide, 12 feet flat.  Roll-in/8 foot deck w/
1/4 pipe.  
40 degree wedge ramp - 12 foot wide, wall abutment
5 foot 1/4 pipe - 12 feet wide, 9 foot elliptical transition.  channel
to wedge.
DreamRamp - 5 foot 1/4 pipe, flanked left and right by 60 degree wedges.
Handrail - 20 foot long, 8 feet flat-kink to 12 feet slanted
Ramp-to-ramp - 8 foot wide bump with grind decks.

The Area 51 Skate Contest is taking place May 30 - June 1st with all of
the in-line action taking place on Sunday, June 1st.  Several bands are
playing Saturday night after the skateboarding finals.  

Classes are 13 and under, 14-17, 18 plus, and sponsored.  Entry fees are
$10 for amateurs and $15 for sponsored.  General admission is $5
(discounts for multiple days).

Signed liability release forms are required.  No alcohol or drugs are
permitted in skatepark/teen center.   Food bar on premises.

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